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Clean 'Em Out, Folks -- Rush Revere and the First Patriots is Available Today!

RUSH:  I want everybody to clean out these bookstores today. I want you to get out there. I want you to make Amazon run dry. I want you to -- Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, all over -- just wipe 'em out: No stock left after today.  People need to read this stuff, folks, if I do say so myself.  Kids need to see this.  They need to read it, and I guarantee you they're gonna love it.

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Colorado Barber Refuses to Cut The Hair of People Smelling Like Pot... Democrat-Run Cities Lead Crime Stats... Leahy and DiFi Protest CIA Violation of Separation of Powers...

Obama Demeans the Presidency to Depress Us

RUSH: The office of the presidency has taken a big hit dignity-wise.  And with Obama constantly on TV and constantly campaigning and making jokes and yuk yuks about inconsequential things, but doing it to build a bond between himself and the lowest-common-denominator voters, the low-information voters, it's an unseemly, sad thing... You've got to stand up and hang tough and don't fall for these mind games.  They're trying to dispirit you. They're trying to make you think there's no point in fighting back. They're trying to make you think the country's lost.

The Definition of Marriage Obliterated

RUSH:  Now, your daughter, you said, wanted to marry the dog?

CALLER:  She loves our Rottweiler.  They're the same age, and she absolutely loves it, so --

RUSH:  She wasn't...? She was serious?

CALLER:  Yes.  She said, "If love is marriage, I love a Rottweiler.  If that girl can do it, why can't I?"


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