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Pearls of Wisdom

"One thing I don't do, and never have, is insult or downgrade or look down at the intelligence of you in the audience 'cause I think to listen to this program you've gotta be engaged and bright. And I treat the kids the same way with this Rush Revere series."

"There are too many people in the education system today who simply at America as anything special. In fact, some of them look at it as a problem in the world."

"What is political about climate change and global warming? Why is that a political issue, not a science issue?"

"They may have Obamacare, but they do not have what they really want: the love and devotion and support of the American people en masse for it. They do not. Barack Obama doesn't have any of that."

"If fossil fuels are responsible for drought, like in California, why did American Indian tribes feel the need to invent rain dances? Hmm?"

"Folks, a political party that is insane as the New York liberal Democrat Party is not a party that is ever going to win the minds and hearts of anywhere near a majority of Americans."

"Grandparents, parents, just clean these books off the shelves today. Go out there in a massive national effort to sell out Rush Revere and the First Patriots on the first day and be done with it. Thanks for indulging me on this, but you know me: I love sharing my passions with you, and this happens to be one of my latest."

"Global warming is not about keeping it from getting hot.  Global warming, climate change, is not about making it cooler. It's not about anything like that, just like Obamacare is not about health care." 

"Rather than try to find a way to expand the number of charter schools or to improve education in New York, de Blasio is dumbing it down to mediocrity for everybody under the name of egalitarianism, fairness and equality and all that. The guy was elected by people that think this way, yet he's employing it now -- doing everything they knew he was gonna do -- and they're mad about it."

"Michelle Wie showed up, and we just had the best time at the Els for Autism charity tournament.  She is without question the sweetest, nicest, most unassuming -- and I'm not gonna mention any names, but she's the best-scoring pro that we've played with in this event.  I mean, she was just on yesterday."

"Obama is not in my head 24/7. I am in his head!"


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