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Morning Update: As Predicted

Every election cycle Democrats come up with some new ad campaign to scare seniors. They accuse Republicans of pushing Grandma off the cliff, or wanting Medicare to "wither on the vine." Well, look at who is actually trying to deprive seniors of their medical lifelines. Obama. Democrats. And, yes, Obamacare has "death panels." As predicted.

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Rush Revere Book #2 Hits #1

RUSH: Rush Revere and the First Patriots has hit Amazon's number one slot. That's not supposed to happen with sequels. Six months. That's not only not supposed to happen with sequels, it's not supposed to happen with books released six months apart. Not done. You made it happen. But it's not just Amazon...

This is Why Kids Need Rush Revere

CALLER:  I wanted to share with you something about my son, who is 10 years old and in fifth grade. He goes to public school here in California.  Last month, his class put on a play called "The 13 Colonies."  My husband and I went to watch the play, and we were horrified by some of the songs they were singing in the play.


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