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"It's up to people on our side to gut it up here and start being optimistic and confident that we are right about the things that we hold dear. We are right about the things we believe. We are consummately right about the issues on which we have opinions."

"Rush Revere and the First Patriots has hit Amazon's number one slot. That's not supposed to happen with sequels. Six months. That's not only not supposed to happen with sequels, it's not supposed to happen with books released six months apart. Not done. You made it happen."

"Obamacare is so bad. Did you hear what Obama said the other day? He said (paraphrasing), "Look, if you can't afford Obamacare, cancel your cable or your cell phone to pay for it." That's not gonna fly with the low-information crowd that thinks he's Santa Claus."

"So the Republican wins the seat that was supposed to go to the Democrat, and Debbie 'Blabbermouth' Schultz, who, amazingly for us, is still the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, came out and said that this just proves that Obamacare is popular and the Republicans are weak. That is her spin."

"Science is not consensus. Science is not up for a vote. It's not a political contest to win. But that's what it's become."

"Nobody's disputing the climate changes. But we're not causing it. We don't have that power. We do not have the ability. And the proof is we can't fix it. We can't stop it once it's doing one thing or the other, warming or cooling. We can't stop it. So how can we cause it?"

"I, for one, resent this presumption that by simply opposing Obamacare, you're against all health care. No."

"You're listening to the most blamed radio talk show in America. You are listening to the most blamed host of the most blamed radio talk show in America, and at the same time the most popular."

"The Tea Party barely exists in Florida 13. Northeastern and Rust Belt snowbirds dominate the demographics, meaning people from New York and Boston, the Northeast, the upper Midwest where it's cold. They have fled, and they now live either all or part time in this district. They're a bunch of liberals that have moved down, and yet David Jolly beat Alex Sink."

"Science is not consensus. Science is not up for a vote. It's not a political contest to win. But that's what it's become."

"When I was a teenager I wanted to be 21. I never have wanted to be my age, because the way I looked at it, the older you got, the freer you got."

"I care about the future of the country, and so I'm always interested in learning what the future of the country thinks. Like the people for whom I'm writing these books, they are the future of the country. And I don't mean in a commencement address kind of sense. They really are."

"I think there is so much disfavor against the Democrats right now, among people that are not even particularly political. This Obamacare is bigger than anybody, particularly in the media, will acknowledge. This is a total disaster."


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