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Morning Update: Rare

The rare albino coast redwood tree stands in Sonoma County. But if federal regulators have their way, the tree will be chopped down. Why? The feds have determined the tree it too close to a proposed commuter train line, and thus presents a “safety” problem. 

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Malaysian Plane Remains Missing...  If It's 1PM, It's Cigar Time... Teen Suing Parents Goes Home, But Doesn't Drop Suit...  

Drive-Bys in Tizzy Over Jolly Victory and the Numbers Inside the NBC/WSJ Poll

RUSH: If the Democrats had won that seat, that would be all they'd be talking about, and they would have led with that story.  But there wasn't a peep about it on any of the three network evening newscasts or on any of the morning shows today, either.  Not a peep.  Now, if you look elsewhere in the Drive-By Media -- and we will today -- they are deeply concerned, and there is an NBC News/Washington Post poll that really has the Democrat Party and the Drive-Bys in a deep tizzy.  

Joycelyn Elders is Back!

RUSH:  Oh, my Lord, Joycelyn Elders.  Where has she been?  She is back.  She's leading an independent commission which "has concluded there 'is no compelling medical reason' for the US Armed Forces to prohibit transgender Americans from serving." 

Obama Lets Putin Take Crimea

RUSH: In this segment I want to demonstrate, yet again, that you should not doubt me when I am predictive of what liberal Democrats are going to do.  I know them. I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body.  I know what they're gonna do before they do it.  I just know them.  Take you back, March 6th, one week ago on this program, me...

Sheila Jackson Lee Adds to Greatest Hits

RUSH: We petitioned for our independence in 1776.  That's when the Declaration was signed, July 4th.  Then we had to fight the Revolutionary War, and it wasn't 'til after that that we got the Constitution.  The Constitution didn't happen 'til later in the 1700s.  She's got it happening way back 400 years ago.


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