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"One of those sweet memories of the 2010 midterms is that neither party's establishment saw it coming. The Republicans, they weren't even running on anything. They were still in shellshock, having the first black president and not knowing how to deal with it, so they just shut up."

"While there is no question that the Regime has delayed the individual mandate, Sebelius is still out there on TV as recently as last night saying, 'Oh, no, we haven't.' I mean, the left hand doesn't know what the far-left hand is doing in this bunch, but they are massively arrogant and unqualified, in addition to being extreme, devout leftists."

"A mother in Puerto Rico referred to these books as the next Harry Potter and she called me the next J.K. Rowling. Yes."

"What's Obama doing? The youths of America are his prime audience and he's telling them to go without The Daily Show. He's telling them to go without video streaming. When he tells them to get rid of their cell phone, that's like telling you and me to get rid of our TVs. When he tells them to get rid of their cable subscription, that's like telling them to start reading books and nothing else. They're not gonna do it."

"Joycelyn Elders was so weird that even Bill Clinton had to fire her in December of 1994."

"So I have to go to the doctor to get this test. And there's all these insurance forms and every line, N/A, not applicable. I can't wait to see how that's reacted to. 'You promise to be liable for this if your insurance company bails on us?' N/A. 'Your policy, what number?' N/A, don't have one."

"The way it works in these Democrat cities is, you take any civil service job, any union job -- fireman, police officer, accountant, you name it -- and you put in 15 years, and you can retire at 100% of your salary at age 45. In some cases, it is that bad. I kid you not. This is the spoils system at work."

"Time is valuable. I don't have any time to waste on this stupid HealthCare.gov or with any of their stupid navigators or any of this corruption of the health care system."

"When's the last time a Democrat ever factored in whether or not a taxpayer can afford a tax increase? Name for me the last time a Democrat ever thought about that."

"The whole idea of the United States as the outpost, the bastion, the beacon of freedom is rejected by many on the left, for a host of reasons. A, they look at freedom as being imposed on people, and I do not think you can impose freedom. That's contradictory to me. Freedom is not an imposition. Freedom is a grant. Freedom is the nature of our creation, and that is in the preamble of our own Declaration of Independence."

"Once again, thank you to everybody who is running out and picking up Rush Revere and the First Patriots."

"Freedom is not an imposition. Freedom is a grant. Freedom is the nature of our creation, and that is in the preamble of our own Declaration of Independence."

"Ladies and gentlemen, legally or not, the president of the United States, through his Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, has unilaterally changed the Unaffordable Care Act, Obamacare, yet again. Very quietly the Regime has delayed the individual mandate until 2016. For those of you in Rio Linda, the individual mandate is the central part of Obamacare. It is the part that requires you to have health insurance."

"You remember Joycelyn Elders? She wanted masturbation taught in grade school. Was it kindergarten, too? I think it was. She was into masturbation. There was nothing wrong with love, even with yourself."


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