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Malaysian Plane Remains Missing
RUSH: Did you see, folks, with the missing Malaysian Boeing 777, somebody speculating that because it flew for so many hours, the engines were reporting data long after data ceased to be transmitted from the cockpit, somebody's speculating that the plane might have been hijacked and flown to the ChiComs in Beijing. And especially since it was the ChiComs that put out those really weird looking satellite photos that supposedly showed plain debris.  This mystery has just had everybody captivity because, like somebody said, Boeing 777s just don't disappear.  But this one did.  

If It's 1PM, It's Cigar Time
RUSH:  Hang on.  Didn't get it all the way lighted.  Okay.  One o'clock cigar time.  Yessiree, Bob! 

Teen Suing Parents Goes Home, But Doesn't Drop Suit
RUSH: The spoiled teenager in New Jersey suing her parents for not supporting her is returning home.  But she's not dropping the lawsuit.  She is returning home but not dropping the lawsuit.  The lawsuit will be on a different level, not a legal one.  


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