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"If the Republicans aren't careful, they're going to let these Democrats back in these Senate races. If the Republicans suggest that fixing Obamacare is what needs to be done, then they are just rolling out the red carpet for these in-trouble Democrats to get back in and maybe win."

"If you want to find out where the plane is, my theory is look at where the US is searching. "

"I know that that this missing plane story is very captivating, but, at the same time, I've had my fill of people who don't know anything telling us what happened. I'm becoming less and less tolerant of 'expert opinion' that is totally ignorant. Nobody knows what happened here."

"Obamacare cannot be fixed. There's no repair kit. Hell, you can't even find an honest owner's manual for this piece of malarkey."

"Here you have a guy, David Jolly, who won with his position on Obamacare -- there's no question it was an anti-Obamacare vote -- and the Republican establishment does not want us to see it that way."

"Obamacare is so bad, they're having to delay every fundamental aspect of it, because if they don't there might not be a Democrat Party if it were fully implemented."

"I can't find any evidence of David Jolly ever talking about fixing Obamacare. In his ads and in his debates, campaign appearances, he promises to repeal Obamacare, period."

"The Republican establishment really believes that the call for a smaller government's a loser 'cause the American people want a big government. So their pitch is, 'We can do it smarter, we Republicans. We can do it better. We can run this big government better and make it work for you better than these lousy Democrats.'"

"How many of you know full well the vulnerabilities of the Democrats and how many of you know full well a majority of Americans don't want Obamacare and never have? Obamacare has never had majority support, certainly not in the days since it passed."

"The Democrats -- knowing how malleable the Republicans are -- are warning, "You guys, you better not run just on Obamacare! If that's all you do, why, you're not gonna have the kind of victory you should have," as though they're interested in us winning."

"Obamacare is one of the biggest negatives any political party has ever been saddled with. It is an absolute, utter, total failure and disaster. There isn't anybody recommending it."

"Even the best liars in the world can't come up with a fake ad campaign with fake citizens touting how great their lives are now because of Obamacare, 'cause nobody would believe it."

"Obama says you can't keep your doctor now. It's official."


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