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Morning Update: The Deporter

When Obama was first elected, Democrats owned it all: White House, Senate and House. Republican votes weren’t needed but Obama didn’t lift a finger on immigration reform. Back then, Hispanic concerns didn’t matter to the "Deporter-in-Chief." Obamacare did. And that’s what we’ve got.

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Great Headline on Obamacare... Obamacare Website Plans Deadline Leeway....  Remember that Donovan Song?...  Politico Thinks I Hate Republican Consultants... 

The Professionals Now Expect a Wave

RUSH:  So, February 13th I predicted a wave election.  The host on The Five at Fox later the same day pooh-poohed the idea, "Come on, wave election, we don't even know we won a wave election. Limbaugh doesn't even know what elections mean."  Now over the weekend, everybody predicting a wave election, including David Plouffe of the Obama campaign, and Robert Gibbs, all thinking that the Republicans are gonna win the Senate.  

Trippi and Rove: Only the Tea Party Can Prevent a GOP Wave

RUSH: The Tea Party, to both Joe Trippi and Karl Rove, is the only thing that could trip up the Republican win.  It took me in a long time to figure something out about why the Republican establishment fears conservatives.  I had to be told this, because I had an entirely different perception of this event.  The Republican Party, to this day, associates conservatism with Goldwater, not Reagan.


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