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Great Headline on Obamacare
RUSH:  By the way, that 4.2 million number, that's just the number of people signed up.  That is not the number who have paid.  They don't even know how many have paid.  The best we know is that about 25% of that 4.2 million didn't have insurance before, so the 4.2 million number not even accurate.


And just to reiterate on this 4.2 million people, Joseph Curl's piece that, you know, we've totally upended the health care system for 4.2 million uninsured. We haven't, because the 4.2 million people, those are enrollees.  They don't know how many of those have actually signed up.  All we have is -- out of all of this, after everything that's happened -- 4.2 million people have gone to HealthCare.gov.  Some of them think they've signed up, others haven't, many of them don't even know. 

Some of them have paid, but there's no evidence. They can't find proof of it.  It is an absolute disaster.  The best that we can tell -- and these are all Regime numbers anyway, so how do we believe any of it?  But if we take the number at face value, 25% of that 4.2 who have enrolled at Obamacare, HealthCare.gov, 25% of 'em, about a million of 'em didn't have insurance.  So the whole point here was to insure the uninsured. 

We got 4.2 million enrollees, and maybe a million of those were uninsured.  So if you accept the Regime's number, it was 46 million uninsured. And for that we gotta totally blow up the health care system and redesign it and transform it. After all of this -- since 2010, four years - only one million people, best guess, who did not have insurance now have it.  And it's being paid for by you and me.  They're being subsidized. 

They're being subsidized by their neighbors.  

Obamacare Website Plans Deadline Leeway
RUSH: Wall Street Journal has a piece.  This is from over the weekend.  "Health Site Plans Deadline Leeway -- Federal officials are planning a workaround that would effectively extend the March 31 deadline to enroll for health-care coverage for some users if technical glitches hamper a last-minute surge of signups..." See, March 31st is the drop-dead date where everybody has to have insurance

Even if you have been granted a two-year, three-year extension, you still have to sign up.  It's kind of like the draft.  Even though there's no draft, you gotta sign up. You have to register. That's what they claim here.  And the Regime is saying that there "might be"... Ha-ha! On March 30th and March 31st, there might be this mass, overwhelming number of people who all of a sudden bombard the website at the last minute.

And if that happens, the Regime is planning a work-around that would effectively extend the March 31st deadline for users who encounter technical glitches.  It's the honor system, too.  This is pretty amazing, even by Regime standards, because way back last Wednesday, Kathleen Sebelius told Congress that there would be normal delaying of the Obamacare deadlines, that March 31st was hard and fast, etched in stone.

But now they snuck this out. This is late Friday. They sneaked out another change that will, in effect, allow just about anybody to enroll after March 31st.  All they gotta do is claim technological glitch hardship, just like the other crowd.  "Oh, hardship! It'd be a hardship for me to sign up."  "Oh, okay.  Then you don't have to 'til after the election in 2016."  "Hey, I tried to sign up, but, man, it was so busy. 

"I kept getting hung up on by your website.  I encountered all kinds of tech glitches on March 31st."  "Well, no problem, we'll extend you."  There really isn't any Obamacare, except that there is.  We're all living by it, but there isn't any.  The Regime is getting twofers and three-fers here.  They're getting the control, they're getting the intimidation factor, they're wiping out the private sector insurance market.

But they're not doing anything else.  I mean, nobody's got insurance to speak of.  But they're in the process of really limiting the places you can get it.  It's a disaster.  Put this another way.  Obama said Obamacare would insure 30 million people who didn't have insurance.  Instead, they've insured one million. And either 30 or 46 million, depending on the day of the week, was the number of the uninsured. 

Insuring them was the objective, and so far one million people who didn't have insurance now have it.  And we don't know how many people who had their policies canceled said, "To hell with it," and are now going without insurance and are gonna pay the fine.  We don't know anything.  We have a website that has literally no metrics. It has no back end. We have a website that cannot report anything.  We got a deadline but no deadline, and then there is.  


Remember that Donovan Song?
RUSH: Remember that song?  (singing) "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is." Remember the lyrics of that song?  You don't remember that song?  Ah, you were probably blowing dope back then. Well, no, you'd have heard the song if you'd have been doing that.  "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is." That's the actual lyric line.  First there is no deadline, and then there's a deadline, and now there's no deadline.  Look it up.  Get out Shazam or something, the app, whatever, find the lyrics of the tune.  


Politico Thinks I Hate Republican Consultants
RUSH:  There's one other story in the Stack today I wanted to get to.  It is a Politico story, ladies and gentlemen, by Kenneth P. Vogel.  It's called, "Revenge of the Republican Consultants," and here's how it starts:  "Ten of the consulting firms that formed the core of the push to elect Mitt Romney -- reaping a combined $1 billion in the process -- have survived a tea party assault and are again among the highest-grossing and best-positioned players in Republican politics." 

This is a story praising the consultants who lose, and how much money they make nevertheless. 

But the point is that I, your host, am referenced here, and it's this way: "One panel, entitled 'Should We Shoot All the Consultants Now?' featured a fiery speech from erstwhile Democratic pollster Pat Caddell that 'blew the lid off CPAC,' according to Rush Limbaugh, who joined the hate-parade, calling the GOP's elite consultants 'a very close-knit, closed group' who are 'making filthy amounts of money ... whether the candidate wins or loses.'" 

So I have joined "the hate parade" of the consultants.  Now, this is how the media intimidates people into shutting up.  Call 'em "haters," imply (not in this case, but other people) they're racists or sexists or what have you.  I don't hate the consultants.  There is no "parade of hate"!  There's just criticism.  The consultants are the guys that tell the Republicans, "Sign me up! I can tell you how to win the independents." 

I think our consultants are victims of a pretty clever trick that the Democrats have been playing.  The Democrats and the media have convinced our consultants that every election they only need to focus on 20% of the electorate, the independents.  They believe 40% here are gonna vote for you automatically, 40% there vote Democrat automatically.  That leaves 20% undecided, open. And what's happened is, the Republicans have stopped servicing their base. 

Witness four million Republicans not showing up and voting for Romney!

Not showing up and voting, period!

Romney won the independents, handily, and lost the election!  But there's no hate parade of consultants.  There's simply a disagreement. It's safe to say that if there's any animated emotion out there, it's from the consultants aimed at the Tea Party and at conservatives.  It's like anything else, folks. I get up every day, I look at the things I cherish and believe in under assault, and I come here and defend them.

And that is portrayed as offensive attacking filled with hate, which it's not.  



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