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More McDonald's Mayhem... The Bill Gates Tax Plan... Cancel Your Own Damn Subscription, Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd!... How We Saved a Biracial Tree -- and Other Global Warming News

Retired 777 Pilot Calls the Show

RUSH: It's a retired 777 pilot.  If I wanted to really sound like I was hip, I'd say triple seven.  If I wanted to sound like a network TV guy, I'd say we have a retired triple seven pilot, make you think I really knew what I was talking about.  The man calls himself Captain Luke, and he's from South Carolina...

The Inspiration for Liberty

RUSH: I wanted a mechanism to actually do the stories. The thing I like about these books is that the reader is not told in third person about these events that are covered in the book.  You, the reader, are taken to the event.  The time-traveling horse, Liberty, takes Rush Revere and these students and the reader right back to the event. 


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