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Morning Update: The Disbelievers

Liberals are redoubling efforts to gin up support for their global warming hoax. With Obamacare wrapped around their necks, elected Democrats will say anything, do anything, and exploit anything to try to distract voters. And so will their liberal accomplices in academia.

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Great Headline: Putin Redraws Russian Borders; Obama Unveils Bracket Picks...  How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse... House GOP Plans Vote on National Women's History Museum... 

A Teachable Moment on the Media and My Cockamamie Malaysian Plane Theory

RUSH: I want to start here with a little teachable moment, a minor little thing, but it's personal to me, and it affects you.  Long ago, back during the peak of his career on Monday Night Football, people that knew Howard Cosell loved to tell stories, that on Tuesday or Wednesday of every week following a Monday night game, Cosell would walk into the office just fit to be tied, angry, livid. And he'd be holding up a copy of the Oshkosh Gazette in which he had been ripped and criticized, and he would walk in, and he would throw that down and ask (imitating Cosell), "Can you believe what they're saying about me in Oshkosh?"

First Lady's Food Dictates Force Gay White House Pastry Chef Out of a Job

RUSH: The White House pastry chef has been forced out.  The White House pastry chef!  This is an outrage.  The White House pastry chef has resigned.  He was forced out, and he's doing it because he needs to defend cream, butter, sugar, and eggs, because nobody else will.  He is gay, he is married, and Michelle Obama still told him: I don't care what you're good at. You're not gonna use butter in the White House, and you're not gonna use cream, and you're not gonna use sugar, and you're not gonna use eggs.

CNN May Never Stop Covering the Plane

RUSH:  I just want to warn you, they're not gonna let it go. They're gonna turn this into a reality show... If you want to have some fun, turn on CNN and turn off the sound and just watch the talking heads get as worked up as they do, as if this is some sort of heated debate.  You turn the sound down and watch, "What the hell?  What are they getting so worked up about here?"  It's one way to entertain yourself. 

Putin's Next Move: Cuba, Venezuela?

RUSH: Barack Obama is filling out on ESPN his March Madness brackets, while all of this is going on. And over there in Crimea and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is openly laughing at the president.  Vladimir Putin only had to look at Obama's resume to know that he was no contest.  All he had to see was community organizer, community agitator, and that's all Putin needed to know, to know he could take him. 

My Alternative to the Irresponsible Foreign Policy of the Obama Regime

RUSH: The Monroe Doctrine was meant to keep Europeans out of Latin America in the wake of regional independence movements from Spain. It was later amplified by Teddy Roosevelt with an eye toward making the US the dominant player in the whole region, in this hemisphere.  It essentially was a doctrine which said you just can't come in here and colonize without dealing with us, because anything you do in this hemisphere threatens us, and you don't have carte blanche to do that.  Well, the left says, who the hell do we think we are?  We can't tell people that.


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