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Morning Update: Can't Hide

The Hill reports that Obamacare-related premiums will double in parts of the country, according to health industry officials. That comes less than a week after Kathleen Sebelius tried to downplay concerns that premiums would dramatically rise this year.

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Obama to Putin: You Can't Do That!

RUSH: So Putin goes out, takes Ukraine, takes Crimea, and redraws the map. Obama goes out today and says: You can't do that! This is the Twenty-First Century. You can't go out and redraw maps. You can't go out and violate somebody's sovereignty. And furthermore -- furthermore -- we're not gonna do anything to stop you. 

Staying Sane in the Obama Years

RUSH: People are feeling powerless because there is no power invested in a political sense in an opposition party that appears to be interested in stopping any of this.  So how do you cope with it? How do you deal with it?  Some days, the old saying is, "You just have to laugh." I mean, nobody wants to be miserable all day, and you could easily be, if you allow yourself to get fully and totally immersed in all this. 

Moochelle Leaves Media Behind

RUSH:  There is zero investigative journalism, particularly of the Regime.  There's no "telling truth to power," as John Kerry liked to say.  But there's no investigative journalism taking place.  That's why these people went into the business.  Woodward and Bernstein, 60 Minutes, investigate. There isn't any.  'Cause they're scared.  They're scared because of all the spying.  They're scared because the DOJ might prosecute their sources.


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