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Moochelle Leaves Media Behind


RUSH: We had the story earlier today with the local Phoenix reporter saying that she talked to Jay Carney and that Jay Carney told her off the record that the White House press corps submits their questions to her in advance, so that he knows what he's going to be asked. He then answers the questions in advance and the reporters know his answers where the press corps even happens.

It's all typed up, and it's given to the news agency so they get their packaged reports ready in a timely fashion, and it helps us, and it helps everybody, and it just streamlines the process of "gathering the news," quote/unquote.  She may not really be aware of what she just said because she basically just said that the White House press briefing every day is scripted, that the press secretary knows in advance the questions.

So he's never surprised. He's never hoodwinked. He can go look up the answer or get whatever answer he wants to give prepared and rehearsed, and that the reporters get the answer after submitting the question before the briefing even takes place.  Well, this resulted in Ed Henry at Fox News tweeting that it's not true, that her story is dead wrong, and then wanting to know when she was gonna correct it. 

Another reporter at The Politico then basically tweeted the same thing, that this is not true.  So far only those two deny it -- and Carney. Carney has denied it.  So there are three denials on this.  You'd think that there would be more.  It could be the two reporters denying it are just not in on it.  I mean, Ed Henry works at Fox.  Maybe he's not in on the questions being submitted in advance.  Who knows? 

But there's another story, and it involves Michelle. We had a caller talk about it yesterday.  This is Dylan Byers at Politico.  He's got a piece sort of mocking the Regime.  'Cause, you know, they came into office claiming they're gonna be "the most transparent administration ever," and they're not.  They're not even close.  Dylan Byers is a little miffed that there is no press accompanying Michelle Obama and the two daughters and her mother to visit the ChiComs. 

This is unprecedented, but the Obamas say, "Hey, it's a private family vacation.  We've got Secret Service.  You don't need to be with us.  Nothing's happening over here.  You don't need to see it."  But the press is saying, "Wait a minute. You guys promised to be the most transparent administration ever."  Here's Dylan Byers.  "On Tuesday night, The New York Times reported that no reporters would be traveling with First Lady Michelle Obama to China, and that she would be giving no interviews while there.

"Nicholas Kristof, the Times columnist, called the First Lady's decision 'a mistake,' and said it 'signals weakness or fear of coverage.'" If you're not gonna take the press, what are you afraid of?  That's what they're saying.  I mean, what's Michelle gonna be doing over there that she doesn't want the press to know about?  They must be afraid of something, and they're trying to warn Michelle and the Regime: This is the coverage you're risking here by not taking us along. 

Dylan Byers then reports, "Several conservative outlets picked up the Times report, including the influential Drudge Report, which linked to a Weekly Standard article about it.  Shortly after noon on Wednesday, [Byers] reached out to the First Lady's office to inquire about the decision. A spokesperson for the First Lady responded to my inquiry but declared the response 'off the record,' meaning I wasn't allowed to use the information therein.

"When I told the spokesperson that I needed a response I could use, the spokesperson replied with another off-the-record statement regarding the First Lady's trip. The spokesperson then wrote, 'If you need something attributable, you can take this on background from a White House official...'  The statement that followed did not address my original inquiry.

"Instead, it offered a formulaic explanation about 'the power and importance of education' and 'reaching people,' followed by an explanation that the First Lady would participate in open press events and take questions online and in forums.  By now it was 5 p.m. ET, nearly five hours after my initial inquiry. When I told the spokesperson that I did not see why the quote needed to be anonymous and attributed to 'a White House official,' the spokesperson said if I needed something on the record I could refer to the First Lady's travel guidance and a transcript of a press call regarding the trip.

"These documents did not contain an answer to my question," he writes, "regarding why no reporters would be traveling with the First Lady. ... What I want to know -- and what I've wanted to know since last October -- is why the spokesperson in the First Lady's office didn't want to give me a name I could put on a harmless, formulaic quote?" May I endeavor to answer this?  I want to help the media understand. 

Using my intelligence guided by experience, we conclude here that The Politico is not happy about the lack of transparency from the Obama White House.  Now, earlier today, we were told that reporters agreeably apply Jay Carney questions in advance before the daily press briefing -- he denied it -- and that they are given answers before the whole charade begins.  He denied it.  So what we have here, if that's true, is there's no journalism going on here. 

It's state-controlled media.  It is a collaboration between the White House and the media.  If this reporter from Phoenix's story is true, there is no journalism, which has been my contention for the longest time now, that there is no real news anymore and there isn't any investigative journalism.  I think on that, everybody can agree.  There is zero investigative journalism, particularly of the Regime.  There's no "telling truth to power," as John Kerry liked to say. 

But there's no investigative journalism taking place.  That's why these people went into the business.  Woodward and Bernstein, 60 Minutes, investigate. There isn't any.  'Cause they're scared.  They're scared because of all the spying.  They're scared because the DOJ might prosecute their sources.  This is what they really think of the Regime.  A couple of reporters (I can't give names; they don't want their names out) have agreed that there isn't any investigative journalism.

They have said the reason is that their sources are afraid (these would be Regime sources) of being prosecuted if they're discovered, and the reporters are afraid of being prosecuted, a la Snowden.  So this Regime has effectively intimidated the media into no coverage.  So when Dylan Byers says, "Why don't you tell us what...?" Ba ba ba.  You guys pretty much encourage this, I think, if I may be so bold.  And I like Dylan Byers.  I like his work.  But I think the media set themselves up for this. 

From the campaign forward, they encouraged the Regime in this behavior of theirs of media manipulation.  They played along with it.  They haven't investigated this administration. They're not even curious.  Whatever the Regime says, they report.  If anybody criticizes the Regime, the media turns on them.  I think it's entirely understandable that the Regime would think they've got you in the palm of their hand, and they don't have to take you along. 

And they don't have to give you a name associated with a formulaic, generic quote, 'cause they know you're not gonna turn on 'em.  Obama, Michelle, Jay Carney, take your pick. They know you're not gonna turn on 'em.  Not the way you turned on Nixon.  Not the way you turned on Bush.  Not the way you turned on Reagan.  Not the way you turn on Boehner.  They know you guys are not gonna do that to them.  So you've made your bed, I think.  I mean, you've encouraged the White House to be uncooperative. 

You've participated in this.  You've been sponsors of whatever the Regime wants.  Obamacare? You're in there.  Covering up Benghazi? You're in there.  Covering up Fast and Furious? You're in there.  I think they don't fear you.  They don't have to tell you what they're gonna do.  They know that you'd be happy to get a job with them.  Look at all the media people that leave their gigs and go work for the Regime somewhere or vice-versa. 

So, Dylan, I don't mean this personally with you. I just mean in a generic sense here, the media, they're not afraid of you.  You do not scare them. Whatever you might report, the way you might cover, it doesn't bother them a bit.  I think the news media, they're all miniature Jay Carneys.  Jay Carney used to be at TIME. He's a Russian/Soviet expert. He goes to work for Biden, and then goes to work for Obama. 

There are hundreds of White House spokesmen in the mainstream media. There are hundreds of future White House spokesmen in the mainstream media.  The media contains future White House employees, future State Department employees, in spokesmen roles.  They don't want to upset that applecart.  You're all in the Democrat Party. You're all part of the left in this country.

And, as such, you're all on the same team.  And you're not gonna hold them to account on anything, so why should they open up?  They don't have to.  They don't have to bring you in, don't have give you a quote.  What are you gonna do to 'em?  They know full well you're holding all the fire you've got for whenever you have to nail the next Republican.  


RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, I erred moments ago when I said that Moochelle Obama and the family are on a "vacation," and that's why they don't want any media.  It is not a vacation.  They are claiming that it is "a cultural exchange" so that it can be billed to the government.  If it was a vacation, they'd have to pay for some of it, the first class equivalent airfare on the airplane.  But since it is a cultural exchange, they don't.

Now, there isn't any media, so we don't know what's being exchanged, and we don't know what's being brought back. You know, cultural exchange works both ways.  I mean, are they gonna leave Michelle's mom in China as part of the exchange?  I mean, who knows?  You don't know.  That's right.  That's the point.  If it's official business, a cultural exchange, there ought to be media there.  But I'm telling you, they made this bed.

If you were the Obama administration, would you be the slightest bit worried about this? Can you imagine what that would be like?  Look, for us as Republicans/conservatives, it is a daily thing. I know.  The fear of what the media is gonna say is its own paralytic event for Republicans.  They're paralyzed for a lot of reasons, and one of them is what the media's gonna say.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have a totally fawning, supportive, loving, worldwide media behind you every day? 

Can you imagine what that would do?  Take that fear, take that worry out of your life and know that you've got basically a bunch of sycophants sucking up to you every day, promoting everything you say, covering up every mistake you make, and not covering every boondoggle policy and building you up to be something you're not. Can you imagine what that would be like, how liberating that would be?  Why would you fear those people? 

Now, there might be a part of you that wanted to do what you could to keep 'em on your side but then you'd realize there's nothing you could do to kick 'em off your size because they're never gonna support the Republicans. They're never gonna support conservatives even if they turn on you, which they're not gonna do because they're afraid of you, when you get right down to it.  The fact that they're...

I mean, the evidence they're afraid of the Regime is right in front of us.  There's no more investigative journalism taking place.  But, I mean, stop and think.  This is something important. Well, I know it'll never happen to me. I will never, ever know what it's like to have this massive/unquestioned love, idolatry, support, in the national media. I will never know what that's like.  All I know is the exact opposite, that they are gunning for me. 

Every other Republican is in the same boat, but every Democrat is the exact opposite boat.  And they still get mad at 'em, 'cause they still think the media goes off the reservation now and then when they do happen to tell the truth. Like Obama gets really ticked if they dare to report his lie about keeping your doctor and keeping your plan.  



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