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CNN Rips Tail Off Model Plane

RUSH:  I watch things, and I'm really trying to be disciplined in not telling you what I'm watching, but it's hard.  There's somebody on CNN that looks like Olivia Pope from the TV show Scandal with a little 12-inch model of a Boeing 777. She just ripped the tail fin off to show what could happen, holding up a 12-inch model in relationship to the satellite pictures that show possible degree. 

I'm do my best to ignore this, but I feel compelled to comment on it like I'm sure you do every time you watch this stuff it happen. (interruption) Well, yeah, I can hold up my model airplane here, too, and start talking about this. I could be an expert.  I could take the tail fin off, and I could show you how the wings come off and what would happen if they did.  Yeah, I could take the wings come off, aim it right down, and finally let it hit the water down there, the ocean.

I'd say, "Kablooey! That's how we get the debris," and then I could be an expert.  

GOP Contenders Better Take Note of Rand Paul' s Strategery

RUSH: Rand Paul went to Berkeley yesterday, last night.  Rand Paul got a standing O from the students at the University of California-Berkeley.  Do you know the issue that he hit on that they just jumped out of their seats and applauded him on was the government spying on the citizens?  He came out firmly against it, highly critical of it, and they couldn't be quiet. 

They were just cheering him like Republicans don't get cheered on college campi.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Rand Paul "delivered a scathing rebuke to the US intelligence community Wednesday, calling it 'drunk with power.'  'I don't know about you, but I'm worried,' the Kentucky senator told 400 people who filled a hall at UC Berkeley's International House. 'If the CIA is spying on Congress, who exactly can or will stop them?'"

Reporters talked to the students after the speech, and they just thought it was one of the greatest that they had heard anybody make at Berkeley.  Now, he said other things, but that issue of spying, I happen to have seen this reported elsewhere.  I've seen it on my tech blogs.  These young people that just slavishly support Obama and global warming and every cockamamie idea, when it comes to this NSA business, it's the one area there's not even any confusion about it. 

I mean, they're a little confused that Obama would do it, but there is no middle ground on it.  They universally oppose it, and they can't blame Republicans for it.  I think we get an indication here how Rand Paul's gonna run his campaign.  He's gonna go to groups of people, and he's gonna talk about, as a Republican, the things important to them.  He's gonna identify whatever it is important. Like to these students, he knew it was spying. 

He went to the belly of the beast, UC Berkeley. He's been to Howard University, which is an all-black university.  I think other Republican contenders had better take note of what he's doing, 'cause it's very abundantly clear to me what his strategy is.  He'll go talk to Hispanics, and whatever he identifies as the issue that gets them out of their seats, he'll talk about.

I don't know what it would be, but he will have one.   It might be immigration/amnesty. Who knows?  I have no idea.  But he obviously knew that the Millennials/college students want no part of this spying.  I mean, they're all really tech savvy, and they understand the depths to which the spying is possible.  You know, keep a sharp eye. 

Medicare Backlog a Preview of Single-Payer

RUSH: How many of you in this audience...? I know there's some of you.  How many of you think that the health care system is so screwed up that the only solution now is to just go single payer? Just get rid of the insurance companies and just do what Canada did and just do what the UK did. Let's just do government-run health care, single payer. If you need a policy, you go to them. And when you go to a hospital, they pay it.  Just be done with it. 

It's so convoluted now.

This is what Obama wants, by the way.  One of the reasons for creating such chaos in the health care system is a strategical move designed to get people frustrated. That's why all of this bad news about Obamacare. HealthCare.gov, all of it not working, the sign-ups. It's all according to plan, folks, because the people behind this want single payer, and they want you demanding it.  They don't think you would accept it forced on yourselves.

originalThey know you wouldn't have voted for it, for example.  Had Obama campaigned on single payer, "Let's do what they've done in Great Britain and let's do what they've done in Canada," you wouldn't have elected him. You wouldn't have supported him.  But if they make the so-called honest effort to improve it -- if they really work really hard to transform the health care system and insure the uninsured and be compassionate and thoughtful and nice -- and it just goes haywire?

Eventually, everybody gets so frustrated they say, "Okay, look. Can we just simplify this? Let's put everybody on Medicare.  That's it.  Let's just put everybody on Medicare." Well, how is that working out for people?  I happen to have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from The Politico.  Let me read to you an excerpt. 

"Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA.) is sounding the alarm this morning about a massive backlog within the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals. The 357,000-appeal clog delays providers from having their cases heard for longer than two years..." So 357,000 sick people have clogged Medicare, the hearings and appeal. It's where they go and determine whether or not Medicare's gonna pay for whatever they had done. 

You know, it's just not automatic.  Sometimes Medicare says, "Uh, we're only paying 20%," or, "Uh, we'll pay 50%," or, "Uh, we're not gonna pay it all."  Well, there's an appeal process for that. "You told us you would cover it," so you go to the office of hearings and appeals.  Well, get in line. There are 357,000 people in front of you as we speak.  If we were all put on Medicare, if we all were single payer, that's where we're headed. 

It's worse or as bad as what the Regime has done to health care now.  This is not the only place however, where this circumstance exists.  There's the VA, the Veterans Administration.  They also have their own health care system for veterans, and guess what? The line there is 400,000 -- 400,000 disability claims.  In other words, 400,000 veterans have been told, "Sorry, you're not covered for that," and they are appealing. So 400,000 people in the VA and 357,000 Medicare.

Imagine if we went single payer what this would become, and you know as well as I do there are a whole host of Democrats that would just love to move everybody over to Medicare and just be done with it and call it single payer.  And if you happen to be one of those people, be warned that it is no better and will arguably be worse because it isn't automatic.  "Single payer" doesn't mean they're gonna pay.  You may end up in a dispute. 

With who? 

The federal government. 

What happens if you're a Republican and you're in a dispute with the Obama Regime? You don't think that'll matter?  I have a clue for you.  If you're a Democrat but you haven't donated much, you'll get put behind the people who have donated.  It's how it works.  They have taken what was the best health care system the world had ever known and they've totally blown it up. 

It isn't too late, I don't think, to repeal and get rid of this, because the solutions that we are being offered by Democrats are even worse.  I have a story out of Nevada.  You'd never see this story, by the way, in the Drive-By Media.  This is what I was talking about earlier.  This is the kind of story that the media won't report, and the Regime is very confident the media won't report this.

'Cause they know the media does not want to make Obamacare look bad, and the media doesn't want to make Obama look bad. The media does not want to give Republicans any ammo.  They certainly don't want to give people like Ted Cruz or Mike Lee or Rand Paul any ammo.  

Obamacare Leaves Nevada Man $400K in Debt

RUSH: This story comes from the UK Daily Mail.  I'll give you the headline, and then take a break.  "Obamacare Has Left a Nevada Man with $407,000 in Hospital Bills."  


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