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Has F. Chuck Todd Ever Looked at MSNBC'S Crawl?... Love It! Arnold Lights a Cigar Under No Smoking Sign... Politico: Hillary Freezing 2016 Field... Hawaii Cops Want Option to Sleep with Prostitutes... 

Putin Knows He Has Three Years to March

RUSH: My guess is he wants to rule as much of the world as he can while he's alive.  I don't think he he's got suicidal tendencies at all. Blowing up the world and living in his bunker?  He wants to run it... I think Vladimir Putin is on the move now because he knows that he has limited time.  He's never going to have this lack of opposition to what he's doing in the United States.  He's got three years, and I think he's gonna try to make the most of it.

A Black Woman Embarrassed by Obama

CALLER:  I have one major problem, and that's Barack Obama himself.  My problem is, as a black woman, I am embarrassed to be a black-American.  My grandmother is 94 years old, and I imagine that her and all of our ancestors that died and fought for what we're supposed to call freedom, this is not what they imagined of the first black president.  I mean, Congress is not doing their job.  They don't want to say anything that criticizes him.

Why Not? The Grim Reaper and a CNN Psychic Have Theories on the Missing Plane

RUSH: Geraldo Rivera has been brought in on Fox to talk about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  That means... When you bring in the Grim Reaper, that means somebody somewhere thinks that we're going to be talking about factual death...  We're gonna have to turn to CNN to clear this up, folks. It's the only way we can do this.  Actually, CNN Headline News.  Headline News talked to a psychic about this.  I'm not kidding you.

Author: Depending on Weather for Energy Has Driven West into the Arms of Thugs

RUSH:  He's saying that by all of the Western nations going full blast into this green technology business, we're just handing the world to Vladimir Putin while he's laughing all the way to the bank. He uses the example of Germany.  We've pushed the German economy into the hands of Putin, because, as these companies decide to go into wind and solar, they have decided to turn their energy sector over to the weather.


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