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Has F. Chuck Todd Ever Looked at MSNBC'S Crawl?

RUSH:  Everybody is dumping on CNN now. F. Chuck Todd on his MSNBC show yesterday said (summarized), "What is this?  Every time I look at CNN, I see 'BREAKING NEWS,' and yet there's nothing to report.  When did nothing become 'BREAKING NEWS?"  I said, "Chuck, look at your own network. 

"Have you ever looked at your own crawl?  They're starting now to eat each other over this Malaysian jet story. Oh, by the way, the automobile transport ship finally got to the area where they had those two pieces of wreckage, and they can't find anything.  And you know why?  Some wizard of smart... I actually have it in the Stack here.  I'm not kidding on this, folks.  I've never thought of this. 

They said, "We might not find it. The debris, the wreckage might sink."  Imagine that.  I had not considered that. I thought the stuff would float on until our rescue people got there, and then sink.  Apparently a UK satellite outfit spotted this wreckage within 48 hours of the crash, and I don't know if they told anybody -- or maybe they told Malaysia, and Malaysia sat on it. Now the sat-com people say, "Hey, it's not our problem. 

"What you do with our data is up to you.  It's not our job.  We find the data. We saw what we thought could have been wreckage, and we told people.  We're done."  "You mean you don't care?"  "It's not our job.  It's Malaysia's job.  We provide you with the data.  What you do with it is your business." I mean, they're turning cannibal out there, all these people.  'Cause there's nothing to report, folks.

Love It! Arnold Lights a Cigar Under No Smoking Sign

RUSH:  I love it.  I love it.  Arnold Schwarzenegger went to Facebook. Facebook is a smoke-free environment, and he pulled out a giant Montecristo and lit up right under the sign saying "no smoking."  I just love that kind of stuff.


Politico: Hillary Freezing 2016 Field

RUSH: Politico.  Maggie Haberman, a story on "Hillary Clinton's Delay."  Delay what?  "The claim has hardened into accepted fact among many Democratic operatives: Hillary Clinton is freezing the Democratic 2016 field as she waits until possibly late this year to decide on another presidential run." The rest of the field is frozen out until she decides.  What this implies is that there's a whole bunch of Democrats that really want to run.

But they're not going to if Hillary gets in, because they won't win, 'cause it's assumed that she will just wipe the floor with everybody. So they're a little ticked off that she's waiting so long because while she's waits, she's freezing these other people out and they can't raise money and they can't announce their candidacies. They can't go to Iowa and they can't get started on what you have to do.

So "Hillary Clinton's Delay."  Is she freezing the field or arguing "the opposite: that the former first lady is shielding other prospective Democratic contenders from months of attacks"?  See, the Clinton people say (summarized), "No, no, no, no! We're not trying to freeze you out. We're trying to protect you."  The Politico story focuses on those two alternatives.  But part and parcel of this story is a new Gallup poll.

It has the top reason for voting for Hillary.  They asked people in the Gallup the number one reason why you would vote for Hillary, and it's because she'd be the first female president.  The people who would vote for her because of her experience (i.e., qualifications) 9%.  Forty-nine percent didn't answer the question, 49% had no opinion, and 18% think that they'd vote for her because she'd be the first female president. 

But the bottom line in The Politico story is, there's a lot of angst out there on the Democrat side because Hillary is messing it up for everybody. She's being selfish. So the Clintons, in response to the charge being selfish, say, "No, no, no. We're trying to help you. We're trying to protect you. We're trying to save you from being destroyed! We're providing cover for you. Like you, Biden! You want to run?  Say it. But if you don't say it, we're gonna protect you by my not announcing, because everybody knows the media is waiting for my decision."  

Hawaii Cops Want Option to Sleep with Prostitutes

RUSH: In Hawaii, "Honolulu police officers have urged lawmakers to keep an exemption in state law that allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations, touching off a heated debate. Authorities say they need the legal protection to catch lawbreakers in the act." Their undercover cops need to be able to have sex with prostitutes in order to catch the bad guys.

"Critics, including human trafficking experts and other police, say it's unnecessary and can further victimize sex workers, many of whom have been forced into the trade," and would rather really not be there. If cops can legally pay for having sex an investigation, that's just gonna further damage these poor prostitutes.  Now, it's not clear how often Honolulu cops are having sex with prostitutes. 

But they want the option.  It is the police asking for the option.  It is forethought.  It's one way to keep investigative work alive. You know, encourage those conducting investigations to have sex with the targets.  You know, there isn't any investigative journalism anymore.  We have chronicled that.  There's no investigative journalism.

What if journalists could have sex with prostitutes in pursuit of their targets?  Do you think it might revive investigative journalism?  (interruption) What makes me think they're not already doing that?  That's a good question.  In fact, it's not even sex with prostitutes, is it?  (laughing)  What am I thinking?  You're exactly right.  It's already happening!  


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