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Morning Update: Image

smallOver the weekend, Russian forces stormed one of the last remaining Ukrainian military outposts in Crimea, and swiftly overpowered the Ukrainian troops. It wasn’t a fair fight. The Russians had automatic weapons, stun grenades, armored personnel carriers; the Ukrainians were fighting with sticks. I'm not kidding. They had broken broom handles, tree branches, and table legs.

Plane Found? CNN on Suicide Watch; Liberals Tie Global Warming to Story

RUSH: I predicted last week and the week before that when this day came, CNN would not accept it and would by no means stop. In fact, they have pulled in their prime time superstars to be anchoring their coverage... Before we get into all that, I want to take you back to March 14th, ten days ago.  I made a joke, and, as so often is the case, when I made a joke about liberals, damned if it doesn't come true. 

Discussing Your Homework Assignment

RUSH: It is about how we -- Baby Boomers -- have raised kids. The decisions they've made as parents have just been so overprotective that the kids they raised are not risk-takers.  They're afraid of everything.  Their parents have made them afraid of everything and that has led them to becoming more dependent and more and more expectant that others would make everything safe for them and that everybody else would protect them. Children of the Baby Boomers in many cases (not all, because nothing is universal, but the vast majority of 'em) were overprotected and coddled. They're timid, almost bubble wrapped.

Drudge Shines Light on Ignorant Media

RUSH: The whole point of this, folks, is, it's not just that they're in the tank for the Democrats and the left...  They're genuine... They just don't know anywhere near as much as people assigned to them.  You know, we talk about low-information voters. We've got low-information media, and they are not aware of what they don't know.  They are so arrogant about their all-knowingness that they can't conceive that they don't know anything -- and, when they encounter it, they're just flummoxed.


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