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"Just as their coverage of global warming shows that reporters have no knowledge about science, so does the Drudge story show that the media has literally no understanding of economic and tax matters."

"We have a new form of energy provided by the left and the environmentalist wackos, and that is aborted babies. And it is they who claim that we are whatever we are -- extremists, mean-spirited, what have you. These people are conscious-less. They're just getting increasingly difficult to describe."

"We're dealing with genuine stupidity, ignorance, and lack of education at the highest levels of what is called 'media.'"

"Watch. The leftists will simply call it 'recycling.' Incinerating aborted babies to heat UK hospital? 'Oh, yeah, it's just recycling. It's the essence of recycling.'"

"Children of the Baby Boomers in many cases (not all, because nothing is universal, but the vast majority of 'em) were overprotected and coddled. They're timid, almost bubble wrapped."

"One of the reasons why my parents and maybe yours didn't worry about all of those depraved people when I was a kid growing up is because the liberals, at that time, had not yet succeeded in thoroughly over-sexing our culture."

"Look, raising your child is your business. And I do not have any. All I've got are nephews and nieces. But I'll just tell you that, if one of my little nephews and nieces is wrong about something and I know they're wrong, I tell them. I don't give 'em a chance to be open-minded and be wrong."

"I, your beloved host, am a finalist for an award as a children's book author. The voting for that begins tomorrow."

"The media coverage of global warming illustrates perfectly their total ignorance on science, and it shows their ability to be totally ignorant of sets of facts about that issue which disprove what they believe. They are totally unaware and uninterested. Because it's not a story. It is a cause."

"Huffing and Puffington Post headline: "Do You Believe We Live in a World Where Rush Limbaugh is Nominated for a Children's Book Award?" They're just beside themselves."

"The polling data is showing now that a growing majority of people don't believe global warming, and that's why the educators -- I'm sorry, the liberals -- in the schools are doubling down on their efforts to propagandize the students."


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