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Morning Update: The Inheritors

The Brits have gone down a dangerous path that sooner or later may reach some American courts. The Law Society, which provides guidance for British lawyers, has come up with “Sharia compliant” wills that British courts will recognize.

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Lunatic Harry Reid Blames GOP, Koch Brothers for Putin Invasion...  What are Republicans Supposed to Do? Ask Scott Walker... NFL Bans Goalpost Dunking...

Michelle Obama Tells the ChiComs How America Used to Discriminate Against People Like Her and Her Husband

RUSH: I really wonder if Michelle Obama knows that you can't even move from the country into a city in China unless you have a permit and that getting a permit is dependent on many things which are discriminatory... I wonder also if Michelle Obama even knows that every single one of these laws that discriminated against blacks like her and her husband were written, enacted, and enforced by Democrats. Every damn one of them.

Liberals Turn on Nate Silver

RUSH: Democrats in San Francisco and all over the country, saying they could sleep at night now without an Ambien because Nate Silver was saying it was gonna be okay.  This is what they tend to do.  They invest in a singular, messianic personality -- and when that person doesn't follow what they hope or want, then they are challenged. 

Lakoff (Rhymes With) Advises Democrats to Make "Homosexual" a Dirty Word

RUSH: George Lakoff is a professor of "cognitive science and linguistics" at the University of California, Berkeley.  Here's what that means, for you low-information people. A professor of "cognitive science and linguistics" means that he sits around and thinks about words all day and how to use words in order to be the most persuasive to advance the liberal cause. 


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