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Pearls of Wisdom

"If liberals were honest about what they really intended to do, they would never get elected president. Ever. We haven't lost the country to that degree."

"Sometimes it takes courage to believe the truth because the truth seems to be so against the grain of what the norm and conventional wisdom appears to be."

"Scott Walker decided to be a leader in a blue state and look what happened.  It can be done."

"You know why Putin thinks he can thrive without the West?  It's all about natural gas, folks, and it's all about economics."

"Democrats like Paul Krugman are all over the place saying, 'Hey, you know what?  Computer models like Nate Silver's, we gotta throw 'em out, because they can be wrong.'  Oh, you mean like the climate change models, Paul?"

"The Obama Media and the Drive-By Media are still just as ticked off at Drudge as they were when they thought he was lying about paying the Obamacare penalty to embarrass Lord Obama. You see, anybody that can afford Obamacare and chooses to pay the fine is a traitor, essentially. A traitor to the cause."

"The global warming debate is not even about science.  It is pure politics.  It is not even using empirical data or factual data from the past. Some of that's been doctored. It's not using scientific data. It's using computer models that activists have created, and plugged in the data they want to get the results they want."

"There's no way that the EU can replace 40% of their natural gas usage with the weather -- wind and solar.  It just can't be done."

"All of these silly Western European socialist Democracies have just bought in to this entire insane belief that economic progress is resulting in the destruction of the planet and the climate."

"Oil and natural gas, there are no substitutes for it anywhere. Solar, wind, not even close." 

"European nations have gotten rid of as much of their fossil fuel energy production and they have replaced it with the weather.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are fueling their economies with energy provided by the weather.  That is how you have to look at wind and solar."

"Vladimir Putin supplies more than 40% of the natural gas to Europe, so he has much more leverage over these silly western European Union socialist democracies than they have on him by threatening to suspend Russia from the G8."

"I am not allowed even the slightest error.  Most people are allowed to learn from their mistakes and grow.  When I make one, it's like there goes everything I've ever worked for."

"There isn't a person that voted for Obamacare that thought it was gonna lower costs.  There's not one Democrat that voted for this that thought it was gonna lower costs. Obama lied through his teeth." 

"I'm running out of ways to characterize what a disaster Obamacare is.  It's like some of my golf shots.  You know, folks, I sometimes hit golf shots that are so bad, I couldn't do it if I tried.  And that's what we're talking about." 

"Obama said what he's really worried about is a nuke going off in Manhattan, and that's probably because so many of his donors live there."

"I hope China doesn't feel so weak that they have to annex Taiwan, 'cause that's what Obama said, you know, Russia's taking Crimea out of weakness. They're a regional power, very weak, and so they're taking their neighbors."

"Ukraine got rid of its military on a promise that they would forever be defended by us and the euro weenies, and Obama re-ratified that back in 2009.  That's why they don't have anything but sticks and busted table legs to fight."

"I think one of the reasons for the malaise that is undeniable from coast to coast in this country is that there isn't any inspirational leadership from anywhere."  

"If the American culture, the society, is rotting, you have two things you can do if you're a politician.  You go along with it and try to get the votes of the people who are wasting away.  Or you can be a leader, trying to get 'em off their butts and talk about the greatness of the country."


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