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Lunatic Harry Reid Blames GOP, Koch Brothers for Putin Invasion

RUSH: Harry Reid, by the way, back to Crimea, we're getting here now into CNN territory. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Republicans may have helped Russia annex Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula," blaming it on the Koch brothers. Dingy Harry said Republicans helped -- you know we have that parody of Ross Perot, "They're Coming to Take Me Away?" We need that redone with Harry Reid singing it. 'Cause he's blaming the Republicans for Russia annexing Crimea. He blamed the Koch brothers for this last week. Somehow the Koch brothers are profiting from this, and they want Putin to go in there and annex Crimea 'cause the Koch brothers apparently are profiting off of Putin's natural gas lines.

Now, the Koch brothers, as the Democrat Party is using them, they don't really mean the Koch brothers specifically. The Koch brothers represent the evil 1%, and since they happen to be Libertarians, they're not Democrats, they're closer to Republicans, so they're a convenient target, and it works. David Koch, the David of the Koch brothers, donated a hundred million dollars for children's cancer research or whatever, I forget the name, a famous New York Hospital. And the nurses union and the NAACP and a bunch of others showed up to protest the donation. They didn't want the money if it came from Republicans. They didn't want the money if it came from the Koch brothers. And that money would have meant jobs for nurses and all kinds of -- it did mean, it will mean jobs for nurses and a whole host of benefits for children.

What are Republicans Supposed to Do? Ask Scott Walker

RUSH: I got an e-mail during the break, and it's a legitimate question. I want to answer it. I think it's got an answer. "Rush, what are the Republicans supposed to do? If the Republicans stand for tax cuts, there aren't that many people working anymore, and therefore there aren't that many people paying taxes, so how important is a tax cut as something that's going to win votes? I mean, Rush, you can pine for the old days when Reagan was coming up, but we don't have a work oriented society anymore. We have a dependent culture."

This is all in an e-mail. I'm summarizing. "We got a dependent culture, we got 92 million, 93 million Americans are not working who don't care about tax cuts. So what are the Republicans supposed to do, Rush? I mean, if it's not reach out to those people and promise that they can treat them better than the Democrats do, what are they supposed to do?"

I can understand the question. But there is an answer. And it's right here in this headline: "Scott Walker Signs $541 Million Tax Cut Legislation -- Lowering taxes for the third time in less than a year, Gov. Scott Walker signed his $541 million tax cut bill in a ceremony Monday at a farm in Cecil as he travels through central and northern Wisconsin touting it. Walker called it a great day for Wisconsin taxpayers and a sign of the state's shifting financial fortunes in recent years. 'Now, instead of billion-dollar budget deficits, we have a surplus.'" He's also got more and more people working.

So I think the answer to those of you who think, "Hey, the Republicans have a point, Rush, tax cuts, smaller government, with 92 million people out of work, it just isn't gonna sell. The Democrats are gonna own the people who are sitting on their butts. The Republicans have to find a way to reach out to people sitting on their butt. And the Republicans have to find a way to make 'em think that's okay to sit on their butts and that's not who the Republicans are."

Scott Walker decided to be a leader in a blue state and look what happened. It can be done. I guess, you know, the thinking, what are the Republicans supposed to do? If the American culture, the society, is rotting, you have two things you can do if you're a politician. You go along with it and try to get the votes of the people who are wasting away. Or you can be a leader, trying to get 'em off their butts and talk about the greatness of the country. Whatever, you inspire 'em. That's what Walker chose to do. Walker chose to inspire people. Not saying he's so much told people get off their butts, but I'm just using that 'cause when you got 93 million Americans not working, what are they doing? They're all eating, by the way.

I think one of the reasons for the malaise that is undeniable from coast to coast in this country is that there isn't any inspirational leadership from anywhere. Obama clearly is not inspiring anybody. Obama is a status quo worsening kind of guy. Obama is a guy who wants you to believe he's the best guy to manage the decline. And there's nothing inspirational in a decline. Nothing. You go out and talk about (impersonating Obama), "And we want to maintain the old American work ethic, work hard." There's not one Obama policy that is in any way sympathetic to that or that promotes it.

Inspiration. I still think it works with people. And clearly we can't keep going with 92, 93 million people not working. Can't keep that up and everything that entails. Not gonna remain an economic powerhouse. We're not gonna be able to create careers and standards of living that people want. I mean, even the people not working, not all of them want to just sit there and live their lives that way.

NFL Bans Goalpost Dunking

RUSH: Well, the National Football League owners are meeting. Their annual meeting's taking place right up the road in Orlando. (Well, it's, what, three hours up the road?) And they just passed a new rule. Players will no longer be allowed to dunk the football over the crossbar of the goalpost after scoring a touchdown. Now, there are other rules changes coming down the pike. That's not gonna be the only one.

They've had some rules changes on... (interruption) The what thing? (interruption) Nah, the N-word thing has been shelved. They have an existing rule that they can employ that already prevents that kind of incendiary, insulting, destructive language. It's not the new rule. (interruption) Ah, yeah, they're gonna really tighten up on the whole bullying thing. They've got an existing regulation, a bylaw that allows punishment.

But they've got a new rule: No dunking the ball over the crossbar after scoring a touchdown. It'll be illegal in 2014. Why? Do you have any idea? (interruption) No, they don't. They never damage a goalpost. (interruption) No, no, no. That's fans that do that coming out of the stands at college games, jumping and dancing and holding on to it. There's never been a player damage a goalpost.

It might end up off center and they have to have the ground crew come back out and center it, but there's no damage to it. But, no, they just don't like the way it looks. It's not basketball. There no dunking in football. I think also they are worried that a player might get a concussion hitting his head on the crossbar as he jumps up to dunk the ball.

What else could it be?


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