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Pearls of Wisdom

"If you had any doubts about what feminazis are made of and what the left is made of, all you had to do was pay attention to what Sotomayor and Kagan and Ruth 'Buzzi' Ginsburg said in the Hobby Lobby case."

"Obamacare is falling apart so fast. It is changing. It is deteriorating. It is just an absolute mess. It is impossible for anybody to keep up with this. The only thing that we know for sure is that the IRS is going to be collecting taxes on this no matter what else happens."

"It's impossible to expect you to remember everything I say, 'cause it's voluminous here. There's nobody that puts out this amount of content, nobody comes even close. And it's so much that not even I can remember it all."

"The back end of Obamacare hasn't even been built yet, after all of this. They haven't even gotten to the back end yet. They don't even know anywhere who's enrolled and how many have paid because the website cannot report that information."

"No matter how bad the government screws anything up, it seems like the people of this country are always willing to let the government fix it."

"The greatest health care system in the world ever devised is disintegrating before our eyes, and there isn't anybody apparently in leadership anywhere who knows how to fix this."

"Don't you just love it? CNN's how running a story, 'Black Boxes May Not Solve Mystery of Crashed Airline.' Of course not! There's never gonna be a solution to the mystery, otherwise CNN's gotta pack it in. CNN is set for life on the crash of Malaysian Flight 370."

"We keep hearing that Europeans are the sophisticates. The Europeans are the kind of society we should emulate. They are sophisticated and refined and responsible and so forth. But in a Belgian newspaper, where Obama is today, our president is being mocked."

"This Obamacare deadline being extended has nothing to do with the April 15th tax deadline and filing your penalty payment for Obamacare. There's nothing that gets you out of making that payment."

"Any Democrat that runs for reelection defending Obamacare is in big, big trouble."

"The one thing that the Democrats rely on -- you can't blame 'em for this, by the way -- they count on the ignorance of many voters. They count on the ignorance of the low-information voter."


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