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Obama Uses Pope to Recapture Cool

RUSH: Here's Obama, he spends 52 minutes -- look at me -- 52 minutes with Il Papa.  It makes news all over the world.  He spends 20 years in Reverend Wright's church and you can't find a story on it.  You like that one, huh?  They like that one the other side of the glass.  I can always tell when I have scored... Obama had to go over to Il Papa and bask in the glow of the pope, and soak up the aura and the cool factor of the pope -- which The Politico says now outweighs Obama's cool factor.  I'm not kidding! 

Drive-Bys Fret Over Obama Incompetence

RUSH:  The media was touting him as something almost superhuman, messianic.  It wasn't that people thought he was competent.  The Drive-Bys portrayed him as that way! The media did all this PR managing and imaging of Obama... Where was there any evidence of this competence? There wasn't any.  


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