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Morning Update: Cultural Thing!

AP reported that Charlotte, North Carolina, Mayor Patrick Cannon was one of many big city mayors who’ve faced scandals recently. Cannon resigned after being charged with soliciting $50,000 in cash, airline tickets, and other bribes from FBI agents posing as developers.

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CNN Issues One-Line Plane Search Update... Dingy Harry Denies He Said What He Said...Christie Has Another Press Conference on Old Story...

Democrat Crime Wave Sweeps America

RUSH: There is the ad.  Now, that is how you do it.  The NRA is already out.  Is that not a perfect-looking billboard?  There you have San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee.  So, in addition to that, we had all these other mayors and so forth, and what did ABC's World News Tonight open with last night?  Seven minutes with Chris Christie.

Democrats Ramp Up Attack on Nate Silver

RUSH: I  cannot overemphasize how much they loved Nate Silver, how brilliant they thought Nate Silver was.  They thought Nate Silver walked on water.  He was just the most smart, relied-on guy, and all he claims he ever does is just tell the truth!  He runs the numbers. "Here's what the numbers say," and that's what he says. Now that it's going against the Democrats, he's a traitor. 


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