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Democrats Ramp Up Attack on Nate Silver


RUSH: Dingy Harry is one of many proving a point that I made on this program earlier this week.  You know the name Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight.com, New York Times data cruncher.  Nate Silver was God-d. Nate Silver analyzed every presidential poll and assured the Democrats in 2012 that Obama was gonna win, and win handily, that it wasn't even gonna be close.  But there were people that were not confident that the polls were accurate.  I mean, it showed Obama way more popular than people thought he could be, given the state of the economy and other things, Obamacare. 

But Nate Silver assured them, and as a result of that he was showered with godlike status.  Nate Silver kept wayward Democrats sane.  I remember reading comments posted to blogs by liberals in San Francisco just crediting literally their sanity to Nate Silver.  Well, Nate Silver quit the New York Times and he took his talents to ESPN, 'cause he started out as a sports statistician and data cruncher there. He went to ESPN, went back to sports, still has his blog, still does some political polling analysis, but also now mixes it in with his passion of sports. 

And Nate Silver is out now saying 60% chance and climbing that the Republicans win the Senate.  They could win six, maybe even 11 seats in the Senate in November, which would give them control.  And if they win the Senate, they'll obviously keep the House, which means that Obama is going to have to do everything he wants done with an executive order.  He will not have one house in Congress with him, at least by party affiliation. 

So now all of these acolytes, all of these people who thought Nate Silver walked on water, now hate his guts.  They're turning on him. They're throwing him to the wolves. They're claiming that he's a reprobate, rotgut, glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, no difference between him and human debris.  Really, I'm not exaggerating. 

Dingy Harry, right here in The Politico, just posted a half hour ago.  "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took a direct shot at Nate Silver on Friday, calling into question the political forecasters [sic] ability to acurately [sic] predict elections. In an interview with The Washington Post's sports blog, Sen. Reid said Silver ... had consistently been wrong when predicting the fate of Senate Democrats.

"'He gave me a 16% chance of being reelected, he gave Heidi Heitkamp an 8% chance of being reelected, he gave Jon Tester a [34%] chance of being reelected,' Reid said of Silver's previous forecasts. 'So all polls are about like Nate Silver's predictions: good sometimes, bad most of the time,'" and he is just one example.  You know, it's amazing.  It really is amazing. How can...?

I mean, folks, I cannot overemphasize how much they loved Nate Silver, how brilliant they thought Nate Silver was.  They thought Nate Silver walked on water.  He was just the most smartest, relied-on guy, and all he claims he ever does is just tell the truth!  He runs the numbers. "Here's what the numbers say," and that's what he says. 

Now that it's going against the Democrats, he's a traitor.  They just throw him overboard, throw him under the bus or whatever.  Even this comment that I made earlier in the week was thrown up for discussion on The Five at Fox.  This is late yesterday afternoon. To start the discussion on The Five, they played a clip of this program earlier this week.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Nate Silver must now be disenfranchised and thrown to the wolves because he is not furthering the cause. And they don't care how many lies or distortions are necessary to further the cause because all of liberalism is a lie. All of liberalism is a distortion.  ... Nate Silver was the guy that all these worried, paranoid Democrats relied upon for their sanity  ... and it probably is going to get worse for the poor guy before it gets better.

RUSH:  Kimberly Guilfoyle, starring on The Five at Fox, weighed in.

GUILFOYLE:  Rush nailed it.  I mean, this is what's gonna happen.  He's gonna be ostracized. He's now gonna be persona non grata. No invites to DC, to all the funny parties.

RUSH:  Eric Bolling also starring on The Five at Fox...

BOLLING:  Nate Silver was the... He was held up as a liberal hero when he predicted all the states and predicted an Obama win. (laughs) Now he predicts that the Republicans take the Senate and he’s an idiot on the left. Rush is right. They have to throw him to... They have to discredit him right now.

RUSH:  Bob Beckel, also starring on The Five on the Fox News Channel...

BECKEL:  I agree with him.  I think there's probably a 60% chance that, uh, the Republicans can win the Senate, although I've had -- they've had -- a long history of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  But right now I would say 60% is the chance they're picking up the Senate.

RUSH:  You know, it's... (sigh) It's interesting. So all these people are agreeing with me over at Fox that Nate Silver -- and this is not a hard prediction to make, but it was something that they wanted to bounce all of their points off. Even, you know, what's his name, Jon Stewart. Silver appeared Jon Stewart's show and Stewart asked, "What is this, all these Democrats throwing you overboard?" 

Silver basically said, "The Democrats only want to hear what they already believe -- and if you don't tell 'em what they already believe, they hate you." 

So he gets it. 


RUSH:  I guess Nate Silver will not be getting an illegal Christmas gift from Harry Reid this year.  



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