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"Is it about time that we start searching for America instead of this airplane? I frankly, folks, am more interested in where our country has gone, and I wish we would have just as intense a focus on what has happened and where our country went down as there has been on this airplane."

"I can be a Democrat. I've learned it. I've got it down pat. I can be a Democrat in the next instant. All you gotta do is be able to fake caring and pretty much you can pull it off."

"I don't care how they dressed it up as Larry King resigned/retired after years and years of service and, 'Here's the gold watch and five free stitches for the wound of your choice, Lar.' He was fired."

"The real horrors of this law have not really impacted a majority of people yet, because of all the delays and the waivers. When the meat of Obamacare actually makes itself known, when people find out what this really is, it's not gonna be a pretty sight. And it is not going to bode well for the Democrats no matter what."

"Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen, from CNN. Searchers have found something, period. That's it. They have found something. They don't know what it is, but something has been found."

"You know what Obamacare really is? It isn't about health care, and it really isn't about health insurance. It is about continuing to transfer wealth from producers to non-producers."

"Income inequality is income redistribution from those who work for a living to those who vote for a living."

"Can somebody tell me where 'radical capitalism' is practiced? Does anybody know where there is 'radical capitalism' happening? It ain't us. How many trillions of dollars have been transferred from the producers to the poor in this country just since 1964? It's a shocking number."

"There was scientific consensus, folks -- just like global warming -- about where this plane went down. Now, forget it, it's now 700 miles away. So the anchors at CNN and the directors, the producers all have to just be ecstatic because the story is reborn."

"Obamacare at 26% approval. This is an AP-GfK poll. I think there are some Democrats that didn't pay attention to Celinda Lake earlier this week and are now shocked over this. I think they're in deep trouble."

"The NRA is already out with an ad in California about San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee. '2006: A+ Rated by the Brady Campaign, a national gun control group. 2014: Arrested by the FBI for Trafficking Firearms.' Now, that is how you do it."


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