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Pearls of Wisdom

"New York Times story: Repercussions and Reprieves at Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline. Hmm. What's this? 'America's health insurance marketplace closes on Monday night.' BS! Sorry. It doesn't."

"I saw something on CNN this morning. Did you know that time is running out on the search for the Malaysian airliner? Well, I don't know. They just said time is running out. I don't know if they meant for CNN or if they meant for the airline, for the passengers, for the search team, but I thought you would like to know that time is running out."

"Climate change would increase boating, golfing, and beach recreation at the expense of skiing."

"The UN's latest report from the international planetary committee on climate, whatever, IPCC, whatever the hell it stands for -- doesn't matter to me -- their latest report's out and it's the biggest scaremongering global warming report. Nobody will be spared, folks. In fact, because this is the scariest climate prediction ever."

"The Federal Reserve has basically been enabling the purchase of equities and bonds in the market, by pumping money into it, and it's a dangerous thing, too, because the stock market now is not a function -- well, not solely a function of market anticipation, market analysis. The stock market is simply reacting to the Fed."

"When was the last time I stepped in it and some conservative media show circled the wagons and brought all kinds of people to defend it? It doesn't happen. In fact, when was the first time?"

"Okay, a miniature firestorm has erupted here because of Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes last night claiming that the stock market is rigged by a combination of the stock exchanges, the big Wall Street banks, and high-frequency traders."

"I'm telling you, Kathleen Sebelius is robotic. She doesn't know anything. I know she's a card-carrying leftist, but that means she's basically ignorant, when you get down to brass tacks."

"As is the case practically every Monday, the audio sound bite roster is filled with audio sound bites in which I have been mentioned."

"I wish people could learn ideology and understand it. If we could pull that off, we could spare of ourselves so much pain, suffering, and grief, it's not funny."

"What, today is? It is, really? Today is the deadline for signing up for Obamacare? I know it's March 31st, but it's not. It's been waived or moved to the middle of April. (interruption) Oh, you have to be in line as of today but you don't have to have anything purchased? This is such a joke."

"Come on, folks, there is no Obamacare deadline. In fact, if you listen to various Democrats, there is no Obamacare."


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