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Regime Seeks Tax Revenge Against Caterpillar... Covered California Refers Deaf People to Phone Sex Line... NFL to Allow In-Seat Cheerleader Visits... They've Found Nothing from the Malaysian Plane... CEO of GM Apologizes... Obama Schedules Victory Lap After This Show Ends...

Do You Believe in Miracles? Onslaught by Regime and Drive-By Media Has Made Obamacare an Overnight Success

RUSH: It is a miracle and it has all happened against all odds.  Every bit of news prior to today was nobody happy, falling apart, premiums doubling and copays and deductibles tripling. Nobody being able to keep their policy. Everybody unhappy.  People deciding to choose to pay the penalty. A lot of people being canceled and no replacement policy.  And we go from that in one overnight to everybody now -- well, a plurality of people love Obamacare.  No, it's not an April Fool's joke.

Americans are Scared of the Government

RUSH: With all this talk about the government spying on people and all these phone records and the metadata, people think that the government's watching 'em, and they know if they're complying or not, so they're trying to sign up.  When you look at it that way, doesn't it seem to you that there would be more than seven million signing up?

Insurance Industry Sold Its Soul to Obama

RUSH: Each developing stage of this is gonna make insurance companies less and less necessary.  I don't know whether they know it or not, the insurance companies.  I have to assume they're not idiots and they know it and they're just trying to make their big score while they can 'cause they know what's coming their way. 

The World Depends on Stopping Cow Farts

RUSH: In every public opinion poll, global warming is down at the bottom.  So they're trying to scare people out of their pants, because that's all they've got.  The lone tactic that socialists have is to scare you, and that is what they're trying to do 'cause you're not buying what they're saying.  And as they get more radical and lunatic like this, I don't know what they expect. When you tell people that we have to get rid of cow farts to save the planet, nobody is gonna go for that.


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