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California Couple Fears Retribution

RUSH: So remember that couple that Covered California signed up and they got their voter registration card pre-marked for the Democrat Party?  Follow-up story: They are afraid to change it because they fear government retribution. 

They're afraid the Regime will find them and punish them if they change that registration.  

Moochelle Wants to Text Fat People

RUSH: The Nanny State, the Regime, Michelle Obama wants "to send text messages to fat people" to bug them about being fat.  I'm not making it up.  

CNN: Movie Director Uses Evil Corporate Jet in Rescue Effort

RUSH:  I just saw this on CNN.  This is classic.  Who's the guy that directs the Hobbit? Peter Jackson.  Apparently Peter Jackson has his own plane, a G650, which is a cool airplane, and apparently he's donated it or whatever in the search for the Malaysian plane.  "Movie Director's Private Jet Helps in Search."  Oh, what a guy, what a guy, oh, my God, the Hobbit guy searching, oh, isn't it a beautiful thing. (interruption)  Well, no, I've got nothing against it.  Of course I don't have anything against it.  (interruption)  Never mind.  I need more time to explain what media trick is being used there.  (interruption)  Right.  It's a good use of a corporate plane that may excuse him having it.  It may inoculate him. 

You don't have to worry about his carbon footprint.  Exactly right.  Peter Jackson using his big, evil corporate jet just like the ones the Koch brothers have. Of course, they've probably got bigger ones.  Notice they have not donated theirs for this search.  Hollywood equals good, love, caring, all that. 

Nancy Sinatra Tweets on SCOTUS Ruling

RUSH:  Nancy Sinatra, who is Ronan Farrow's half-sister, I guess, has tweeted the following:  #SCOTUS is destroying our democracy. We the (little) People have no voice anymore. It's tragic.

All SCOTUS did was say you can donate however much you want, Nancy.  What do you mean you've got no voice?  We need to wait for the Kardashians on this.


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