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Pearls of Wisdom

"It's a sad reality if a guy like Charles Koch doesn't qualify as a role model. It's just sad."

"President Obama says he's gonna get to the bottom of the Fort Hood shooting, just like he got to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. He's gonna get to the bottom of what happened at the Fort Hood shooting. Don't worry. Obama will protect us all."

"If we've gotten to the point where we are literally destroying people's futures by creating this dependency and then we can't wean them off of it because that's gonna make them vulnerable, then it's not just that we're gonna go to the grave never winning an election; we're gonna go to the grave with the country never recovering. That, for me, isn't an option."

"Obama's not worried about Ron Burkle money or David Geffen money or George Soros money. He's only gonna be worried about Koch brother money."

"Take guns away from everybody and we're not supposed to have any gun incidents, are we? And yet people who intend to get guns and do harm with them always seem to find a way, whether there's a law against it or not."

"You know, this General Motors thing that's happening with the CEO being dragged up to testify over the faulty ignition? Why is the government not sitting next to that CEO? The government's involved in bailing General Motors out. The government was involved in financial decisions. The government was involved in the decision to not highlight that problem so as not to impact sales. Where's Obama?"

"We now have an administration which is devoted to using the government, the power of the government, the sprawl, the spread, the tentacles of the government to intimidate any and all who would exercise personal freedom."

"We conservatives want everybody to do well. We want everybody to improve their lives. We want everybody to raise their standard of living, on their own. We don't want people to suffer."

"To be a United States citizen, or an American, is the greatest human opportunity on this planet."

"Crony capitalism is when the government gives a company access to the federal Treasury in exchange for support for the Regime, ties a company to the Regime and enables the company not to use its own money to grow. That's one short definition of it, and Obama has done that a lot, mostly with failed green energy companies involved in wind and solar."

"The only guy with a gun was the bad guy, on an Army base. It's a clear illustration of how political correctness on the left totally distort common sense and reality everywhere in our culture."

"You know, it's interesting. Which of the first 10 of the Bill of Rights have Democrats fought to expand? Freedom of religion? 'No way, pal. No way, Jose. Unh-uh.' Freedom of speech? 'No way!' They fight to expand dependency. In fact, they don't even like the Bill of Rights. They don't even like the Constitution."

" "The purpose of the Constitution is to limit the scope of government in people's lives. People like Obama don't like that. They want the Constitution to be something that spells out what the government can do to people. (They would say 'for' people, but 'to' really bothers them.)"

"Are you secure in your life? Do you care enough? As long as nobody is trying to tell you what you can't do, say, or think, do you care what anybody else does?"

"The worst thing you can do is to turn over your life to a political party that simply is going to use you."


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