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Leftist Fascists Force Out Mozilla CEO for Holding Same Opinion Obama Held in 2008

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a disturbing day for free speech and this country, and it's been trending. For 25 years... I don't know. I've been thinking that at some point we're going to bottom out or reach a point where a majority of Americans are just gonna put their foot down and say, "No more!"  But it hasn't happened.  The fear and intimidation of average, ordinary Americans is at an all-time high -- fear and intimidation that is silencing people. 

Gawker: Arrest Global Warming Deniers

RUSH: This stuff isn't new.  We've been laughing at it for 25 years. But all the while they have been deadly serious about it. They really mean this stuff. There ought to be trials. There ought to be people like me put in cages, made an example to show you idiots out there what awaits you if you get too vocal along with me.