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"You know as well as I do that people are scared to death to tell you what they really think. The left has politicized everything -- everything -- to the point that people are afraid to go against what they know to be political correctness, which is nothing more than liberal fascism, nothing more than censorship."

"There aren't anywhere near seven million people who have signed up. Everything we're being told about that -- and there's polling and other support data for this -- is a lie. In fact, the only person that is taking health insurance away from people is Barack Obama. "

"Before I got this radio show, nobody thought I hated anybody. Before I got this radio show, nobody thought I was a bigot or anti-anybody on a personal, human basis. Six months after this radio show I'm a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe."

"The Koch brothers, as I just mentioned to you, not only get no credit for their genuine good works, they're protested when they donate millions to causes the left loves. Because the left doesn't think they really mean to do good works."

"How many people voted for Obama 'cause they really supported what he intended to do, versus how many people were afraid not to? What's happening here is fascism equals intimidation, and the intimidation is working."

"The Democrats, the liberals constantly need a demon; we are the demon."

"Being a liberal is the most gutless choice you can make. It's the easiest thing in the world you can do. Being a liberal allows you to do and be and say anything with no recrimination. You can even go out and lie and make up a story about the president and the National Guard. You may lose your job but you won't lose your reputation."

"In reality the only guy taking health insurance away from people is Barack Obama and his Democrat Party, not us. We don't even want to! We want the best for everybody, but somehow they're the ones that have all the good intentions. They're the ones that, while destroying everything, escape any accountability for it because they have good intentions."

"Obama's plummeting numbers do not equal people blaming him for what's going wrong. That's sad. What it means is sad. I mentioned this before, too. This is the real, to me, damaging aspect of this. Well, there are many damaging aspects, but that is one of them."

"I'm not filled with hatred. I'm filled with incredulity. Somebody's gotta stand up and say something and call this what this is."

"Snerdley wants to know what was one of the things that I thought was funny when Media Matters rolled out their website and their front page had 25 hateful things spouted by me about feminism. One of 'em was 'I love the women's movement, especially when walking behind it.; They put that in there. That was 'hatred,' folks. That equaled hatred of women."

"The breakup of the family, you can trace it. You can trace this. You can trace it right back to 1964 and the Great Society and Lyndon Johnson. You can trace it. You can trace the bust-up of the family -- you can trace the dissolution of black families, you can trace the rampant increase in poverty, you can trace the amount of money that has been transferred to deal with these inequalities and inequities -- and you will see that all of this 'charity' quote/unquote has just given rise to the need for more of it. It hasn't solved anything."


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