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Morning Update: CI-7

I could spend the next two weeks of updates giving you the pathetic details that investigative journalists uncovered on the life and deeds of a former FBI paid informant, known as “CI-7.” The snitch, now a D-List political figure, currently headlines a poorly viewed TV show on a poorly viewed “news” network.

Drive-Bys Outraged by Married Republican Congressman Caught Kissing Woman, While Clinton Remains Greatest American Hero

RUSH: This is just unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.  I haven't seen a news story that rocked my world like the one that happened this morning.... The media is up in arms over this.  Media and social media are already flooded with demands that Vance McAllister resign from office. He was caught dead to rights kissing a woman who was not his wife at a Christmas party...  But Bill Clinton's a modern American hero.  

The Miracle of Cochlear Implant Surgery

RUSH:  Folks, I got to do something today that I have always wanted to do and have never done before.  I was permitted to watch surgery.  I have always wanted to be in an OR.  I've been fascinated, and always wanted to do it.  Today I had a chance.  I saw a doctor perform cochlear implant surgery on a patient from Winter Haven, Florida... When I lost my hearing, it happened to coincide with human technology advancing to the point that the cochlear implant existed.  If I had lost my hearing five years earlier, I would have had to quit my job. I would have lost my career. I've always been kind of in awe of that reality.

Bush-Clinton is Really the Best We Can Do?

RUSH: I think what Jeb's doing in preparation for maybe running, is saying things to get the conservative backlash to him out of the way.  I really think when he says, "Hey, people come in here as an act of love," that's designed to tick us all off or tick the Tea Party people off now. Get it done with and over with and then out of the way, and move on.

Ezra Klein Psychoanalyzes Us -- and Paul Mulshine Writes a Good Piece on Carbon

RUSH: Don't doubt me on this. The left, all of these people on the left, think that their "science" for global warming is dead-on right.  They do. They think it's irrefutable. This "consensus" of scientists, they believe it.  They really believe that we are destroying the planet.  They really believe we don't have much time.  Folks, they believe all this.  They now are frustrated at all of us "deniers."


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