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Pearls of Wisdom

"This is such a glaring disparity, the automatic assumption of our motives, the automatic assumption of our intentions by these people who claim to own all the good intentions."

"You know, I got people saying, 'The Democrats threw John Edwards overboard.' They did not throw John Edwards overboard. They stuck with Edwards. They ignored the story. The Enquirer was the only source, and it wasn't until Edwards' wife died that the women of the Democrat Party demanded that he be dealt with."

"Can you imagine the howls of outrage there would have been if Bill Clinton had been caught kissing a staffer? Oh, that's right, there weren't any -- and Clinton did much more than just kiss a woman at a Christmas party, as you well know. But Bill Clinton's a modern American hero."

"The Democrats are paying women less than men. That's ignored. They come around and they act like it is a fault of America."

"The average female salary in Sen. Dick Durbin's office is $11,500 less than the average male salary. So the Senate Democrat leading the push for equal pay for women on the basis that capitalism and Republicans discriminate against women as part of the War on Women, is paying female staffers $11,500 a year less than he's paying men."

"The pope is saying not only is marriage between a man and a woman, but that is God's image. Oooh! Folks, the pope has thrown an IED."

"There isn't Republican alive who can keep up with Bill Clinton. Don't even try it. He will nail you."

"The place where women are paid less than men the greatest is in the Obama White House, and before that it was the Clinton White House! It's the Democrats once again projecting on the Republicans what they're doing."

"The liberals literally despise the Catholic Church, and they despise anybody in it. They despise the priests, the monsignors, and they despise the pope."

"So women at the White House make 88¢ for every $1 that men earn, but that's because it's tied to job experience, education, and hours worked? So at the White House, it's not because there's any sexism, and it's not because they think women are inferior."

"I really have always believed that the more people who could be effectively taught about liberalism and who they are and what happens and we're living it, the better off we would be."

"You know how long the Democrats have been using this equal pay thing? JFK signed the first one in 1963, when women were one-third of the workforce. 1963. That's how long this has been a campaign issue -- and it's got the word 'equal' in it again (which is the magic, as far as they're concerned). So they're just going back to it to try to get their base, because their base is bored, folks."

"As you raise people's taxes, you make them poorer. When you raise people's taxes, you reduce their standard of living. When raise people's taxes, and you reduce their liberty and freedom."

"The people that voted for Obama are not happy. They have lost their jobs. They've lost full-time status; some have been converted to part time. They've had their health insurance canceled! Obama voters, after being told in a lie for three years they could keep their doctor and plan, are losing all that. They're not happy!"


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