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Obama: Female Dry Cleaning Bills Still Higher... Media Searches for Tea Party/Talk Radio Connection to School Stabbing... Global Warmists Working to Develop Fart-Free Cow... Fox News: You Can't Get Health Insurance Until Next Year...

The Problem in Health Care is Government

RUSH: Every time you blame a hospital and put the blame for what's gone wrong in health care on them, or if you put it on the doctors, or if you put it on the insurance companies, you know what you're really doing?  You're saying we need the government to come in and fix it all.  The government is why it's all broken, folks.  That's what gets lost. 

Henry Aaron Compares GOP to KKK

RUSH:  One of the men that I idolized growing up -- one of the men who I wanted to be like growing up, Hank Aaron, who's now 80, who broke the Babe Ruth home-run record -- is out there saying the Republican Party is today's KKK.  It's just sad.  It's just so silly. 


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