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"Do you know that at the White House yesterday the president actually said that women's dry cleaning bills are more expensive than men's? How old is that one? One way to reduce dry cleaning expenses for women is to stay away from Bill Clinton."

"New vacuum cleaners and new irons and new washing machines for every woman, and that way they don't have to go to the dry cleaners. That's what they would say I would do if I were president."

"We own Kentucky. But we own everywhere. We don't want to limit our ownership of the country to one state. Nothing against Kentucky. We do own it. No question about it."

"The latest cost on Obamacare is now $2 trillion and climbing -- $2 trillion and climbing! It sort of takes you back to those heady days when they told us we're gonna be able to pull all this off for $900 billion."

"Don't forget this Regime was the one who cut $700 billion from Medicare and transferred it to Obamacare to keep the original cost under $1 trillion. It was all part of the original fraud. They cut $700 billion from Medicare."

"I just want to warn you: The health care industry is nothing to monkey with. When you need treatment, you want it from the best that you can get, and those people are at risk right now."

"Every hospital's not raping people. Every hospital's not getting rich. Every hospital's not just blowing people off left and right. Some of them are going broke, too."

"One of the men that I idolized growing up -- one of the men who I wanted to be like growing up, Hank Aaron, who's now 80, who broke the Babe Ruth home-run record -- is out there saying the Republican Party is today's KKK. It's just sad. It's just so silly."

"You are listening to the fourth best reader of audio books. You've gotta get 'em to find out what fourth best sounds like."

"There are hospitals going broke, too. Hospitals, emergency rooms, primarily. In places where there is rampant illegal immigration, the ERs are closing 'cause nobody pays."


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