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Rich, White Bullies Blamed for Stabbing

RUSH: What they haven't yet done is link this kid to the Tea Party somehow.  Nor have they yet linked the kids who are bullying this kid to the Tea Party.  But they're still trying, I guarantee you, and they think they're on the way since they're categorizing the school as a rich, white bully school. 

Holder Cries Racism at Sharpton Confab

RUSH:  Here you've got a guy, Al Sharpton, who has this group called the National Action Network, which exists because of racist shakedowns of businesses... So there goes Holder over to Sharpton's little confab crying about it, "You see the way they treated the attorney general?  It's not about me. The way they treated the attorney general."

Cummings Caught in Cahoots with Lerner

RUSH: Cummings went ballistic, claiming racism and denial of free speech and abuse of power by Issa.  Now we know why Cummings was doing all that.  He was trying to deflect everybody's attention away from his own involvement in this.  We also know why Lerner took the fifth, even though we're not supposed to say it. She took the fifth so she would not incriminate herself and Elijah Cummings of the Congressional Black Caucasians.  

5-Year-Old Takes Rush Revere to School

CALLER:  I started reading him the Rush Revere book. He loved it.  I mean, he asked for it every night.  We had some family come up, and there were some nights that we couldn't read it.  He asked me every single night.  Well, lo and behold, they started talking about history.  They started talking about the Pilgrims and everything, and, apparently, he was answering questions and talking about the book in school.  The teacher told him that he could bring the book in, and he brought the book in this morning.  He was so excited to bring the book.


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