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Pelosi Accuses GOP of Racism on Immigration... Shoe Thrown at Hillary... Jeb Bush Defends Himself... WaPo to Dems: Drop Koch Attacks... Apparently, I'm the Only Colbert Malcontent in the Media... Government Seizing Tax Refunds Based on Social Security Error... Bezos Offers Employees $5,000 to Quit...

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RUSH: We got a call from Donald Trump. He's driving around, he heard this, and he wanted to send in $25,000 and wanted to know the address.  That is great, but not everybody can, and it's not expected.  The $25,000s from Trump or people like that, those are bonuses.  The people that make it work, just like the people who make the country work, are you who've got $5 or $10 or $25, $500...  It takes a little bit from a lot of people.  There's nothing that's too little.  There's no donation that's too small.   


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