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Pelosi Accuses GOP of Racism on Immigration

RUSH: Nancy Pelosi, in TheHill.com, has played the race card.  You know how Harry Reid makes up people and Dick Gephardt makes up people? 

Like Dick Gephardt had this "friend," this rich friend who was always asking for tax increases.  Gephardt said, "I've got this friend, this rich friend, and he said, 'I'll really get rich if you raise my taxes,'" and Harry Reid has this imaginary friend who told him that Romney hasn't paid his taxes in 10 years.  "Well, who is it?"  "I'm not gonna say, but I've got this friend," and now Pelosi has one. 

Pelosi has a friend who told her that the Republicans are saying in private, "If the immigrants were Irish, we wouldn't oppose it."  This is dangerous stuff.  I mean, you sit here and laugh at this, but that is actionably dangerous character assassin.  Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House, is actually saying that she's heard Republicans say that if the immigrants were Irish (i.e., white), there wouldn't be a problem; they'd be all for amnesty. 

So she's basically playing the race card. Republicans are racists; they don't like dark-skin people.  

Shoe Thrown at Hillary

RUSH: Jimmy Carter has chided Hillary for failing foreign policy with Israel.  It's kind of bad timing for Hillary because, you know, somebody threw a shoe at her.  Now, when they threw a shoe at Bush, they loved the shoe thrower. 

Whoever the threw the shoe at Hillary is now hated and despised.  There's a woman in a blue dress?  I didn't see that. (interruption) A woman in a blue dress threw the shoe at Hillary?  "Devil with in a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress. Devil with the blue dress on."  Really?  Okay.  (interruption)Well, I doubt if it was a "bimbo eruption," but I guess it's possible.  

Jeb Bush Defends Himself

RUSH: Jeb Bush is defending his "act of love" comment.  This a Politico story, and Jeb Bush is defending his statement that it's "an act of love" to come here illegally as an illegal immigrant.  Well, I'll get to it.  I'm just giving you a rundown here.  In the same story, Bill O'Reilly, according to The Politico, is hinting that Jeb Bush stole the "act of love" line from him. 

I'm just telling you, that's what's in The Politico. 

WaPo to Dems: Drop Koch Attacks

RUSH: The Washington Post has an editorial to Democrats: Stop demonizing the Koch brothers.  It isn't gonna work because people don't care about it.  Stop demonizing Koch brothers.  Isn't gonna work. Nobody cares. Nobody knows who they are.  The Post is trying to actively manage a Democrat victory.  That's just some of the stuff that is out there.  

Apparently, I'm the Only Colbert Malcontent in the Media

RUSH:  Look at this.  You know, I must be the only guy that said anything not glowingly, overwhelmingly supportive of Colbert.  I must be the only guy, 'cause I'm all over the media as the malcontent. It's just amazing.  Everybody's sheep.

"We're gonna hire Colbert."

"Oh, what a great idea!

"Oh, what a great guy! Oh!" 

(sigh) Once again, ladies and gentlemen, surviving here and proving independence of thought each and every day while everybody else just follows the sheep.  

Government Seizing Tax Refunds Based on Social Security Error

RUSH: This is from the Washington Post, by the way.  If this story is accurate, somewhere down the road you should not count on a tax refund.  "A few weeks ago, with no notice, the US government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her money until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government -- a very old debt."

She's black, by the way.

"When Grice was 4, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them. Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family -- it’s not sure who -- in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter. Why the feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings’, is a mystery.

"Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are expecting refunds this month are instead getting letters like the one Grice got, informing them that because of a debt they never knew about -- often a debt incurred by their parents -- the government has confiscated their check." The Washington Post writes about this as though it's just ho-hum. "Yeah, makes perfect sense. Next up, next story." 

No outrage.  In fact, there's even this paragraph: "The Treasury Department has intercepted $1.9 billion in tax refunds already this year..." So $2 billion that citizens thought they were gonna get, the government has "intercepted," and then there's this paragraph:  "No one seems eager to take credit for reopening all these long-closed cases. A Social Security spokeswoman says the agency didn’t seek the change; ask Treasury.

"Treasury says it wasn’t us; try Congress. Congressional staffers say the request probably came from the bureaucracy." Nobody knows.  Nobody knows where the idea came from and nobody knows who's actually doing this. (interruption) Lois Lerner?  These are Democrats, too, that money is being taken from. 

Well, it could be her, but how many times have we said, "Folks, if they get in a financial crunch, they've got to go to people who have money to get money."  It's why your pension isn't safe.  Now they're just taking your tax refund, if they find a debt anywhere in your family that was not been paid for who knows how many years.  And after they take the money, they send you a letter saying, "We did it, and what are you gonna do?  You are (raspberry)!"


RUSH:  After that Social Security story about people having their refunds claimed by the IRS, I imagine a lot of people are saying, "Well, that's the government. We can't stop it. I just hope it doesn't happen to me."  Folks, let me tell you something.  It is really hideous.  This woman, the story, Mary Grice, she didn't not pay anything.  Her family didn't not pay anything.

Social Security made a mistake way back when by either giving them too much money or whatever.  The thing that they're trying to do here is say that some people cheated the government. Some people didn't pay a debt.  That's not what's happening here.  Mary Grice is due her tax refund.  She's not getting it because the government says somebody 30 years ago owed some money. 

The Social Security Administration made a mistake and is blaming somebody who did not make the mistake for it and taking their money.  Talk about the rule of law! She doesn't owe anything.  She did not shortchange anybody. Yet she's the one whose money is being taken, and that has happened to the tune of $2 billion so far this year.  

Bezos Offers Employees $5,000 to Quit

RUSH:  Did you see where Jeff Bezos of Amazon is offering employees five grand to quit?  I guess they need to downsize in there. He's offering them $5,000 to quit Amazon.  I tell you, I'd pay some of you people more than that.  I'm just kidding.  Just kidding.  


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