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Carneys Shown Living an Idyllic Life That Liberals Mock


RUSH: The latest Washingtonian magazine -- I don't think it's a cover story.  It's a puff piece on Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, his wife, Claire Shipman.  Have you seen this?  (interruption)  You haven't seen this?  Well, I'm glad you haven't.  I need to tell you about this because, A, there's a lot of photography, a lot of pictures in this story.  But Claire Shipman, it's key to understand something about her.  Claire Shipman, the current wife of Jay Carney, used to be married when she was much younger, 19 years ago, to the Moscow bureau chief, I think he was, for CNN, Steve Hurst.  They were both stationed there. 

Now, there is Soviet propaganda posters in their kitchen, in their house, in the Carneys' house.  Carney himself is a scholar on Soviet studies and eastern European this and that.  And it may not be coincidental that there is an emotional attachment to the old Soviet Union here.  But the thing that strikes me, it's mainly a story about Claire Shipman, about how she balances work with her two adorably beautiful children in their fashionable, perfect suburban home. 

It is everything the Democrat Party stands against.  It is everything the Democrat Party condemns.  The Democrat Party says this is not possible anymore, that people that want to have a lifestyle like this essentially want to go back to the Ozzie and Harriet days of the fifties. That's not possible anymore, they say, because the country's changed.  And the reality now is single motherhood, single parenthood, gay families and so forth.  And yet the Washingtonian magazine, of all the people they could hire -- now, granted, it's about Washington -- but everything in this story runs counter to what the Democrats sponsor and promote all over the rest of the country, which illustrates that if they want to live a Beaver Cleaver lifestyle, the Democrat Party leaders, they will, but you can't and nobody else should. 

Two sets of rules, two different Americas.  The old standard, good, old-fashioned America for them and their kids, but not for you and yours, because America's changing and we must get with it, we must be progressive.  They even Photoshopped a photo of Jay Carney and the wife, Claire Shipman, standing at a podium in front of a bunch of books, and I want to show you this.  This was uncovered by John Hinderaker at Power Line.  I've got the Dittocam right here. 

Now, I'm gonna describe this first, then I'm gonna show it to you.  Jay Carney and his loving wife, Claire Shipman, used to at NBC, now at ABC.  They're standing at a podium and there are bookshelves filled with books behind them, and, of course, image matters.  It's made to look like these people are people of the written word. They are studious and smart people surrounded by books.  In front of the podium are two young children.  It looks to be their own son and daughter and it looks to be like they're faking here being press secretaries with their kids being the media answering questions. 

But it's been Photoshopped.  They've added books to the picture that weren't there.  They faked it, and the proof is -- I'm gonna hold this picture up, and I have circled the key element and drawn an arrow to it very crudely because I didn't have the proper utensil here, but I still did it.  The young boy as you look at the picture on the left side of the podium is standing with his left hand raised.  And you will see his left thumb circled by me.  If you look to the right of Claire Shipman as you look at the picture, you will see just the little finger of the little boy's hand raised in front of the same book. 

Now, I don't know if I've got -- let me hold that up and see -- ah, can't get close.  I should have asked, is this the zoom for the camera?  It is.  All right.  Let me see if this zooms it.  Oops.  Nope, that goes to the ceiling.  All right, back down -- sorry, folks, you know, I ought to wait.  I'm gonna do this during the break.  I'll tell you other things about the story, get this camera figured out.  The main takeaway here, it's a total puff piece on this ideal, perfect couple that everybody should want to be like, that everybody should want to emulate, and it's the last thing that the Democrat Party stands for. 

It is so hokey that even the Twitter universe is posting people ridiculing it, laughing at it, making fun of it.  The first picture is three people, Claire and the two kids in their just lovely, fashionable, wealthy rich kitchen, that is loaded with enough food on the countertop for a pregame meal for a football team.  No food desert wherever it is they live.  The son is flipping fried eggs with a giant skillet while Claire and her daughter are standing by in their pajamas pointing laughingly, lovingly at the talented son who is flipping the fried egg, obviously in a overhard manner. 

But there are bowls of pastries and fruit and breakfast meats and loose fruit on the counter and so forth.  It looks exactly like you would expect a TV show from the 1960s to look like.  And that's the thing about this that strikes me.  It is totally the opposite.  If someone like me were to come forth and espouse this kind of life for the average American family today, I would be ridiculed as out of touch and not knowing how hard it is for American families. I would be accused of resenting single mothers and single-parent families and gay families and so forth.  And yet the photos in this picture are in the old days what any American family aspire to and the way television portrayed the average American family back in the Ozzie and Harriet days. 

A lot of people are focusing on the Soviet propaganda, the Soviet posters that are in the family kitchen here.  And the reason for that, again, is that both Shipman and Carney have spent time in Russia when it was the Soviet Union, and Steve Hurst, the ex-husband, apparently was a big, big believer.  Let me read you John Hinderaker at the end of this piece. 

"And yet Carney’s own experience illustrates how silly the Democrats’ claims are. Shipman has worked part-time for the last five years to spend more time with her young children. Carney, meanwhile, leaves for the White House at 7:25 a.m. and tries to get home by 8:00 in the evening. As in most families, it is his wife who takes time out from her career to focus on children, and who devotes more time to her family: 'Flexibility, she says, is what most working mothers really want.'

"Exactly. That is the same choice that most families make–not all, but most. It largely explains why, on the average, men earn more than women. Carney no doubt understands this perfectly well, but this is one of many instances where he has to pretend that the Democrats’ politically-inspired claims make sense, even though they are contrary to his own (and everyone else’s) experience. That is one of the down sides of being a liberal, but there are advantages, too. Among them is the fact that if a magazine publishes a profile on you, it is sure to be fawning."

His point here is, is in the midst of this debate about how women only make 77 cents on the dollar that men make, here is Claire Shipman sandbagging feminism, talking about how happy she is to only work part time, how happy she is.  She stays home with the children.  There's no day care here.  She's not farming her own kids out.  She's staying at home as the mother.  But you let any other woman try this, and it is an assault on feminism and it's a denial of women reaching their full potential, and yet whatever Claire wants to do is absolutely adorable, it's absolutely beautiful.

It's just blatantly hypocritical, and it illustrates the absolute hypocrisy and phoniness, by the way, and the damaging aspects of the way liberals and Democrats are trying to construct interpersonal family relationships.  I mean, remember that TV ad that the Regime ran on Julia, the single woman, who could not wake up without a government program, who didn't get through the day without a government program. Who had a baby without one reference to any man, and it was perfect.  And she had her garden.  And she had her subway token, and she had her health care.  And everything in her life came from a government program.  And she was joyously happy living alone in a small, little one bedroom apartment with a five-square-foot garden outside that she got to tend. 

And the Regime put that out as, "This is what it is for women today."  But you won't find Claire Shipman doing that.  And I dare say, you won't find Andrea Mitchell in that picture and you won't find any other female American journalist in Washington in that picture. You won't see any of them as Julia.  So while they are living in ways that they say is not possible, they are living in ways with the husband making more than the wife, with the wife choosing to stay home to be with her own kids and not using day care and being praised for it, not condemned, yeah, it's just priceless what this is. 

I'm sure these people at the Washingtonian had no intention for this to be the take.  This is the most fawning, syrupy puff piece.  I mean, this can send you into insulin shock, this piece.  And I wonder how much jealousy there is inside the Beltway among other media couples.  I wonder if Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, are jealous, or take your pick.  They're all married to each other.  It's just an incestuous place inside the Beltway.  But I gotta show this Photoshop picture.  I have to do this.  I'm gonna take a break.  I'm gonna figure out how to zoom this camera in, because it's as phony as pretty much everything else in this is.

Folks, I really can't emphasize enough how we just had a piece in a very liberal Washington magazine praising a family of Democrats for living a family life that Democrats politically condemn and make fun of or attack and claim that they're rich and they aren't paying their fair share. Or that they're abnormal, that the real America is busted families, it's single-parent families, particularly single mother families. And that women are so stressed they don't have any choice. They have to work, and they have to stay with their kids, and they can't. Their husbands are mean-spirited predators and brutes, you know the routine. 

And yet for them none of that applies.  They're free and clear to live as normally as any American family as ever wanted to, except when you express the desire they call you a hypocrite or a bigot, or somebody that's too separated from the past. You want to turn back the hands of time. You want to go back to the fifties, and we can't do that.  That America doesn't exist, except it does at Jay Carney and Claire Shipman's house, and there are pictures here that prove it.


RUSH: Okay, folks, I think I got the camera figured out.  For those of you watching on the Dittocam today, you saw me doing the rehearsal.  So the first picture I'm gonna show you is of the Shipman children and Claire in the kitchen that I described. A young man flipping the fried egg while Claire and the daughter point and look on in smiling amazement.  I want you to notice all the food on the counter, and then in the deep background, you will see two posters that you probably are not gonna be able to read on the Dittocam, but they are the Soviet propaganda from old days.

First off, there's Claire and the two lovely children.  She's so happy, see, she has the flexibility to stay home with them, in her pajamas.  She loves that flexibility.  Now, see that Soviet poster behind her left shoulder?  That's from the old Soviet Union days.  Now, look at the food on that counter, folks?  That is enough to feed a homeless shelter in Washington for a month.  All coordinated, blue pajamas.  That speaks for itself, yes. I mean, that's Ozzie and Harriet!  This is not possible in America anymore, and if you want a family like this, you're a bigot. 

The Romneys were not allowed to have this. Ann Romney, remember, was laughed at and secured.  Remember Hilary Rosen (imitating Rosen), "She doesn't have to work. She doesn't know what work is."  Well, it doesn't look like Claire does, either, here.  Okay, turn the Dittocam off.  Now, here comes the next one.  All right, turn it on.  Now, you see the two arrows?  If you look to the right of Jay Carney -- well, his right.  To your left.  I have circled the little finger of the son.  See the son and the daughter standing there front of the podium with all those books, see that? 

Now, look at the son's little finger on the left hand, I've circled it and drawn an arrow.  They Photoshopped this.  I'm gonna now pan to the right and you will see that little finger again, just the finger, right there with the arrow drawn to it.  That is the finger of the little boy Photoshopped from over here.  You can see it's a book cover behind the little finger. It's blue in the picture when you see it and just a little bit of it above his little finger, and I pan over again, and you'll see the exact same thing underneath that arrow.  You notice that these two kids are not playing video games.  They're not watching television with mom and dad.  They are actually standing in the family library pretending to ask their parents questions as though they're journalists, or something like that. 

But they clearly are not engaging in video games or watching pornography on TV or whatever it is we're told kids are gonna do today. They're not having sex with their friends upstairs.  They are dutiful little children with mom and dad teaching them the right and wrong and how to read and all of that.  None of this is supposedly possible in America anymore.  And of course you would never sever your son's little finger and put it in a picture to make it look like you have more books than you have.  We'll back off.  See it?  You have to get really close.  Let me get real close in.  There's the kid's little finger, Photoshopped.  And then here it is again as part of his hand.  Can you see that all right?  Okay, turn the Dittocam off.  I'm telling you, folks -- and then the Soviet posters and the flipping of the eggs and all that food.  It's a beautiful thing.  


RUSH:  No, no, no.  You know, this Washingtonian piece on the Carneys, it does bother me. Because the Democrat Party has done everything it can to destroy that kind of family life -- to mock it, to claim it isn't possible, to claim that to desire it is to desire to live in a past that can no longer be.  All the while, the Democrat Party is... What are they doing?  They're out there trying to attract the votes of single, female voters, single married and single unmarried voters.  And it is my contention that Democrat Party policies create that demographic. 

Democrat, liberal policies create single women, both with and without children, and the government becomes the husband, the provider, the protector.  You can't get anywhere in these women's lives, in their minds, without a government program; it doesn't matter what aspect of your life you're talking about.  And then as such -- while here we have a puff piece extolling the beautiful marriage of the Carneys -- the Democrat Party is on the warpath to virtually redefine it and change it so that it doesn't mean anything anymore. 

People who wish to hold onto the traditional definition of marriage and a traditional lifestyle rooted around it are called what?  Hateful bigots! Like this guy that gave $1,000 to Prop 8.  He had to be drummed out of the entire tech business, because he gave money to hate and bigotry.  I think the hypocrisy here is just astounding, 'cause the Democrat Party is rooted -- don't doubt me on this -- in having everybody reject the traditional idea of marriage, isn't it? 

We're supposed to reject it. 

The traditional marriage, that's old-fashioned. 

That's exclusive. It's bigotry. It's hatred.

Traditional marriage is something that we are supposed to think is old-fashioned and unachievable anymore.  And when you break up a marriage, when you have policies responsible for destroying the nuclear family, what are you doing?  You're creating dependency on government.  And all the while, the Democrats are out telling women this is gonna make 'em independent.  "You don't need a man.  You don't need a relationship.  You don't need a slug around you, some predator who is gonna beat up your children.  You need to be independent of all that." 

All it does is turn 'em dependent on the government. 

It really is hideous what these people have done, ever since the Great Society and the War on Poverty.

And now we get a picture of the average Democrat media couple's life and how beautiful a thing it is, how warm and wonderful a family is.  I'll tell you, it's enough to make you gag, the hypocrisy alone. The idea that there are two sets of rules, and they -- they -- can have wives that are flexible and stay home (and don't send the kids to daycare and work when they want to work and don't worry about how much more the husband makes than the wife), but you can't.

No, you have to comport concomitantly with the notion that your wife can't be flexible because life is so tough because of the Republicans. 

It really frosts me.  



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