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Coverage of the School Knife Attack -- and Kansas Shooting by a Democrat, Anti-Semite, Klansman Neo-Nazi


RUSH: This is Kirsten in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  Hi.  Great to have you on the program.

CALLER:  Hello.  Dittos.  It's an honor to talk with you, sir.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I just noticed that with the tragedy we had at the high school down the street from me here, that it seems like the national news has dropped the story quickly.  There's been none of this analysis of how can we keep it from happening again that we've heard after other school tragedies.

RUSH:  It's amazing.  There's still more attention on the missing airliner than there is that tragedy, and you know why, I'm sure you know why, 'cause there weren't any guns used.

CALLER:  That's what I wanted to ask you. It just doesn't fit the liberal narrative, and I just wanted to see if that was your opinion, too.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.  You talk about a boring story, knife stabbings?  There's no way they can move their agenda forward by spending time on this.  There is no movement for knife control.  There is no constitutional amendment which guarantees anybody the right to use a knife, that they don't think people should have.  So without a gun being involved here, after the first day of the story, that's it.  If there were a gun involved, you wouldn't have even hit the peak of coverage yet.

CALLER:  That's exactly what it seemed like to me and my husband as well, but, yeah, I had an aunt write and say she hadn't even heard about it yet.

RUSH:  Well, let me tell you something.  Look, the story stands by itself as something of great sorrow and all that, but still, I'm proud of you.  I'm encouraged that you saw this on your own 'cause you are dead right about it.  You're exactly right.  They've dropped this story because it's boring to them.  They dropped it because this story does not advance their politics.  They can't find a political hook here to advance the Democrat Party agenda, so after they cover it it's over and done with.  The injured, the victim, nobody knows anything about 'em anymore, nobody knows who they are. In the media, nobody cares, 'cause they can't --

CALLER:  And I just think that's truly sad because, you know, this was a tragedy just as much as that as Sandy Hook or Columbine or any other place.

RUSH:  It was.  It was a disturbed stabber just like we've had disturbed shooters but there's no interest to find out why, is there?  There's no interest to find out if this guy happened to listen to talk radio, if his parents were Tea Party members.  There's no interest in that whatsoever.  Isn't it amazing, there's no interest. The only thing that's been said about this, Kirsten, and this will also explain why they've dropped the story. Well, this was a school for rich white kids, and this is the kind of thing you can expect to happen there so, you know, we're done and gone.  That's about as incendiary as they have gotten in discussing this.

CALLER:  Which, to me, it's just incredible, 'cause this is just an average community.  It's just an average middle class community.  It's not like it's a bunch of rich kids or anything like that.

RUSH:  No, no, no.

RUSH:  That may be --

CALLER:  Middle class America.

RUSH:  -- but the people that have paid attention to the story think that it's a school that the parents have to make $250,000 a year minimum or the kids don't get in.  That's what's been reported.

CALLER:  I know that's what been reported.  It is so not true of our community.

RUSH:  Now, if they could find some bullying here that they could really zero in on, they might be able to sustain the story.  See, the problem is they did, there was some bullying, but it wasn't gay bullying, so they're not interested in it.

CALLER:  Well, it's still questionable if there even was bullying. No one can establish if there was or was not.

RUSH:  Obviously, otherwise the media would still be talking about the incident.  You're absolutely right.  Nevertheless, it is an incident that has shaken that community like any other incident like it has, and yet it's a nonstory.  So you're right to spot it.  Kirsten, thanks much for the call.  I appreciate it. 

Folks, this takes me to this incident in Kansas City, where this wacko former KKK or current KKK member stabbed three Jewish people.  And it has been fascinating to collect information on this and to find out exactly who it was, who inspired this guy. In fact, there's a piece here at PJMedia.com by a man named Ron Radosh: "Who Inspired the Nazi-Klan Leader’s Actions in Kansas?" And they've got the answers simply by reading this guy's own words. 

This nutcase, what was his name, Glenn Miller.  He's a demented American Nazi, KKK leader, and he is a huge Democrat.  Yeah, and it turns out that they have found some things this guy has written, and there is a name, he actually mentions the name of the man who inspired him to stab Jewish people.  I'm gonna read to you what this guy wrote...

"Jew journalist Max Blumenthal exposes and explains this attempt by a foreign government Israel, to buy the presidential election for the neo-con, war-mongering Republican establishment. Like I’ve been saying, the kikes simply do not trust a lame-duck black president with the name Hussein. Jews fear his re-election, thus this Jewish Super PAC to defeat him."

Max Blumenthal is the son of Sidney Blumenthal, who is, of course, Hillary Clinton's confidant.  But Max Blumenthal, if I'm not mistaken, works at Media Matters for America.  And Max Blumenthal is one of a cabal of left-wing journalists that despise Israel, and this guy found his way to things that these people had written, and he was inspired. He admits he was inspired by all this, and that's why he took action against the three Jewish people in Kansas City.  


RUSH:  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've just been told that something I shared with you moments ago is incorrect.  I have this post from PJ Media, and I want to read it to you.  It's by Ron Radosh, and he's in Berlin.  It's where he where lives. 

"As I sit writing from Berlin, Germany, I woke up this morning with the news that a demented American Nazi and KKK leader, Glenn Miller, has been arrested as the main suspect in the Kansas City murder of 3 American Jews."

Well, now, I was just informed that two Christians were killed and one Jewish person.  Now, back to Mr. Radosh. 

"That all were undoubtedly preparing for tonight’s Passover Seder makes the tragedy even more abhorrent. In a country and city where all of its residents are always aware of the horrors of the Nazi past, it comes as a shock that this wanton act of vicious antisemitic murder has taken place not in Germany, but in the United States. Of course, it is an outrage that the authorities are going out of the way to not call it by its name. Rather than condemning Miller’s action as a result of his Nazi beliefs, they say it looks like a 'hate crime,' and they make light of his yelling 'Heil Hitler' upon his arrest.

"Even the regional director of the St. Louis branch of the Anti-Defamation League held her words. As The New York Times reports, '"While it is too early to label these shootings as a hate crime, the fact that two Jewish institutions were targeted by the same individual just prior to the start of the Passover holiday is deeply troubling and certainly gives us pause," Karen Aroesty, the group’s St. Louis regional director, said in a statement.'

"Ms. Aroesty should have been more up front about the obvious motivation of Miller, and not hedged her words. Fortunately, a quick look at some of the antisemitic extremist websites has led to the following post by Mr. Miller, reproduced verbatim below: 'Jew journalist Max Blumenthal exposes and explains this attempt by a foreign government Israel, to buy the presidential election for the neo-con, war-mongering republican establishment.'"

Mr. Radosh here is making the point that it is Max Blumenthal who has inspired this Glenn Miller to embark on his incident of carnage.  So I don't know.  I've been told that only one of the three victims was Jewish, and this guy thinks all three were.  At any rate, this guy, Glenn Miller, is a former KKK member.  He once ran for office as a Democrat. All the KKK are Democrats.  They always have been.  He's an anti-Semite, obviously, and he did shout "Heil Hitler" when he was arrested, and this what has been posted by him. These are apparently some really wacko extremist, pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic websites, and this guy's posted plenty there where he identifies the people who inspire him.  He mentioned the name Max Blumenthal. 

Now, the only reason I mention that is that every time an incident like this happens -- I take you back to the shooting in Colorado.  What did Brian Ross as ABC do?  He had the name of the shooter, and the first thing he did was go on the Internet and try to find that name in a Tea Party website member roster.  And he did.  And he said we can't confirm it yet, but it looks like the shooter has Tea Party ties, and it turned out the shooter had nothing to do with the Tea Party.  Any time there's an incident like this, a school shooting, you name it, the media immediately tries to say that the shooter was not motivated by whatever was in his or her own mind, but rather by talk radio, by Fox News, by conservatives, what have you.

In this case, here we have a guy who committed public acts, murder and so forth, and he mentions who inspired him and concomitantly the New York Times, "Ah, it's barely a hate crime. We're not gonna get into it much."  Right.  Because it's embarrassing who's inspiring this.  You got a former KKK member, literally insane, run for office as a Democrat, inspired by some people at Media Matters.  "Oh, can't report that."  So that is the primary reason for imparting this to you.


RUSH: Scott in Minneapolis, it's great to have you on the program.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  How are you?

RUSH:  I'm well.  Very well.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Yeah.  I'm just calling to just say thanks.  I've been listening to your show since 2008.  We didn't actually get you syndicated up here 'til then, so it was unfortunate I was unable to listen to you prior to then and I didn't really know much of you --

RUSH:  No, no, no. We've been on in Minneapolis since 1989.

CALLER:  Not on any of the stations I listened to.

RUSH: (laughing) Okay.

CALLER: But that's how I found you.  You were brought to an FM station, and you were on one day, and I've been listening to you ever since that --

RUSH:  There you go. That's right, that's right.

CALLER:  -- even though I only agree with you 99.7% of the time. But that being said: Your show to me is like an Apple product for you. It's the best.

RUSH:  Oh, wow.

CALLER:  I just want to thank you again. A lot of people out here in the country listen to you religiously. You do great things.

RUSH:  Wow. That is a compliment.  You don't know.  That is a compliment.  You telling me that my show is to you what an Apple product is to me? I mean, that's huge. You can't improve on that. That's really nice.

CALLER:  You're welcome.  I wanted to make a quick comment on the lady two callers ago.  She was talking about the attack at the school, the knife attack. I just wanted to point something out and see what you thought.  You know, we've had a lot of attacks at these schools over the last several years, and, you know, it's been guns, knives, whatever. They're all sad.  But no one seems to ask the question, what is going on in these schools?  I mean, it's always a college, a high school, where these people go to attack. I don't believe it's because there aren't weapons.  I think it's just what's going on in the school. You know, they're not teaching these kids values or anything.  No one ever talks about that.

RUSH:  I know.  They always focus on the home.  They always focus on what maybe is not being taught or what is being taught at home. But the key to why it's a school is because everybody knows there aren't any weapons there.  Guns and knives are banned. You can't even point your finger like a gun and stay in school. They'll throw you out. So you can't even fake somebody out with a finger-point gun.  There aren't any guns.  IF you want to show up and get away with killing some people before the cops show up, go to a school. 

Apparently a knife, ditto.  Now, I know that's not what you're talking about.  You're talking about what's not being taught and what is.  And I think that's relevant, too.  But there's also just bad people. There are evil people, and there just people not wired correctly.  No matter what we do, we're not gonna conform everybody into law-abiding citizens. Everybody's not gonna be like the Carneys.  We just are not gonna be able to have a wholesome family like Jay Carney and Claire Shipman have.  Not everybody can have that.  Scott, I appreciate the call.  



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