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"I didn't know Dick Cavett was still breathing. I didn't know Dick Cavett was on the sunshine side of the dirt."

"We just had a bang-up weekend here with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society radio Cure-A-Thon. We're over three million bucks. Three million bucks for what is less than three hours. Everybody in media says this, but there isn't an audience out there that can hold a candle to all of you, and I'm honored and proud. I'm humbled and in awe of the way you all come through."

"The New York Times is worried that there aren't future Obamas in this Millennials group wanting to run for office. To them, it's all about finding future little junior Obamas that are gonna get elected and become new Obamas in office."

"Dick Cavett, thankfully, fortunately still on the sunshine side of the dirt, lumps me with Dick Cheney in terms of people he could be less concerned with what we say. I am honored to be in that company."

"So James Carville says that if the Republican Party loses in 2016 it's gonna be extinct. And he's assuming here that, like everybody else on the left is, that Hillary is going to be the nominee. Meanwhile, what's the reality? She didn't even get the nomination in 2008. All it took was an unknown African-American, relatively unknown, to come out of nowhere and the powers that be in the Democrat Party dropped her like a hot potato."

"Liberalism is excuses disguised with the fraud of good intentions to exact conformity and control. And if you don't think that's what's going on with all of these psychological analyses and diagnoses of kids -- if you don't think it's about conformity and control -- then you are missing, sadly, what's really going on here."

"Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Connecticut is toying with the idea of seeking the presidential nomination, Democrat Party. Not because he expects to win it, but because Hillary isn't liberal enough. He's gonna take that campaign and he's gonna take the party to the left, gonna go full-fledged, undisguised socialism. He's gonna drag Hillary there if she wants to win."

"The Obama era has been a disaster, but the problem is the millennials don't really attach it to Obama, not yet, not fully. At least according to polling data. I hope that's incorrect."

"My suck-up staff is shouting at me here, demanding that I tell you other things about me, such as kind, generous -- what was the other one? (interruption) Humble. They are. They're shouting this at me."

"The Carney children clearly are not engaging in video games or watching pornography on TV or having sex with their friends upstairs. They are dutiful little children with mom and dad teaching them the right and wrong and how to read and all of that. None of this is supposedly possible in America anymore."

"The media doesn't seem to have much interest in what motivated that woman to throw a shoe at Hillary. Apparently her name is Alison Michelle Ernst and she seems to be obsessed with the Aurora theater shooting. Hillary thought it was a bat flying at her, so her reaction is kind of odd."


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