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Breaking News: Plane Still Missing

RUSH: In 1988 when I started this program Ted Danson said that we had 10 years to save the oceans or they were gonna die and us along with them.  And then 10 years went by, then Algore came, picked up the baton, said 10 years from then, which would have been 1998, 10 years from then, if we don't fix global warming we're all gonna die.  And of course here we are still alive with no warming taking place, which means the left is in even greater panic. 

They've been searching for this thing and they can't find it. Shouldn't they be finding loads and loads and loads of garbage dumped by the cruise ships?  Shouldn't they be finding lots of satellite debris from satellites that have fallen out of orbit?  I mean, Ted Danson and these clowns told us that the oceans were becoming the biggest garbage dumps on the planet.  And somebody wrote a column or a book that the cruise ships throw away more sewage and leftover food than Haitians have to eat. 

Where is it?  We've been searching the ocean out there since -- when did the plane go down?  They haven't found anything.  Shouldn't they find some oil from oil spills?  Shouldn't they find an oil slick, jet fuel? They didn't find diddly squat, and yet we're told the oceans are so polluted that we barely are going to survive.  

Hillary Almost Hit By Shoe 

RUSH: We had a caller say she's glad Hillary wasn't hurt by that shoe. Do you think she really is glad, or did she say that because she thinks there are liberals listening and she has to say it. She said she didn't want Hillary getting beaned with a shoe. I haven't seen the video.  The only thing I've seen is the still shot of Hillary ducking or whatever she did.  That picture was enough, by the way, but that's another thing. 

I didn't see the incident.

Is the media looping this and showing it over and over again like they did when Bush got targeted with those shoes? (interruption) They're not?  Well, I wonder why?  I wonder why. Seriously, this is a very offensive thing.  I don't care what culture you are, when somebody throws a shoe at you, it's an insult. If Hillary looked really suave and debonair in missing the shoe -- if she had a really, really fast, brilliant comeback -- why wouldn't they be looping this and showing it over and over again? 

Remember Hillary has braved "snipper" fire.  Don't forget this, folks.  Hillary Clinton corkscrewed into Bosnia. She had to avoid "snipper" fire, she said, when they were going in there.  Corkscrew means the airplane, in landing, steep angle of descent turning and corkscrewing to avoid talk by terrorists. A shoe is nothing compared to sniper fire. Trust me on this.  I mean, I have not been under sniper fire.  (interruption)  What? 

It's a guy telling her to get back in the kitchen during the campaign?  (interruption)  Oh, you think that was staged?  Oh, you mean where she said, "Hey, I'm not some Tammy Wynette standing by my man," or "I'm not just somebody baking cookies in the kitchen," you think that was set up?  (interruption)  Look, let me tell you, I can totally relate to people who think that he can't be the Clintons do staged or choreographed. 

But I haven't seen it.  I've got people telling me her reaction wasn't natural.  But I'm sorry, I'm ill-equipped to comment.  I haven't seen it.  (interruption)  No.  I haven't cared enough to go try to find it.  I really haven't.  Somebody threw a shoe at Hillary. Big whoop.  Maybe it's because in my subconscious I think it was staged our set up or whatever. 

Look, folks, I know these people so well that I do not attach much genuineness to them at all, and I don't know why anybody would be throwing a shoe at Hillary unless maybe it's an attempt to make the Benghazi people look like nuts and lunatics and wackos. That's if it even had anything to do with that, which I don't know.  But apparently it's not just me, folks. 

Apparently the media doesn't seem to have much interest in what motivated the woman shoe thrower.  She let go pretty quickly.  Apparently her name is Alison Michelle Ernst, and she seems to be obsessed with the Aurora theater shooting, and Hillary thought it was a bat flying at her. Hillary's reaction is kind of odd, if you would genuinely be surprised at something like that. But it's the Clintons, so what are you gonna do?


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