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Caller: The American Dream is Alive and Well


RUSH: Here's Brett in Cheyenne ... Wisconsin?  Wow.  It's great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

RUSH:  I always thought it had to be Wyoming. I never heard of a Cheyenne in Wisconsin. 

CALLER:  I wanted to call because I'm 27 years old, and I just wanted to let you know -- and let everyone know -- that the American dream is well and alive.  I'm proof of it.  I started out from absolutely nothing.  With faith, drive, and determination I have built my own business from working part-time, waiting tables, to saving up all my own money to buy supplies and educate myself in what my passion is.  I found out what my passion was, I've had it since I was just a teenager, and I have been able to make it work.

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question then, Brett.  Why do you think so many recent college graduates say it isn't possible?

CALLER: (sigh) Because they don't have --

RUSH:  'Cause they don't. They don't think it is.  They think the American dream's dead.  They think the days of them having a chance to do better than their parents are over.  They don't think it's possible. They're mad that they got worthless degrees, in many cases, and still have to live at home.  Here you call sand say, "I went out; I followed my passion. I stayed dedicated to my desires. I saved my money and I pulled it off." They think they can't.  Why is that?

CALLER:  The reason is because there's a sense of entitlement, and also they don't have the drive.  People can say, "Well, there's not opportunities. There's not this; there's not that. There's not education opportunities."  In the process of myself growing and making the sacrifices and downsizing to a studio apartment -- the building process -- people nowadays that are remotely my age, I don't even associate myself with them anymore. Because the negativity. Because of the lack of self-esteem and the lack of drive.

RUSH:  You're 27?

CALLER:  Now, what the cause of that is? It goes back to what you said a few segments ago. Conservatism does work, but it also goes into low-information. That's what I see on the ground level as far as what I see every day around me.

RUSH: Let me throw out... All that's correct, by the way, and I appreciate it. You said you're 27 is that your testimony?

CALLER:  Yes, sir. 

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  I decided to do this when I was still 26, and I had other jobs.  I worked in radio, you know. I've done other things. But instead of me complaining about, "Man, I can't find a job. Man, there is only part-time work," literally last year, I sold my business in September and now I'm already able to pay my own bills and also have money to put back and save.

RUSH:  You know, what you are illustrating is you are the American dream. You're illustrating and you're from nothing.  Most of us, most of the majority of people are from nothing.  In other words, we may have prominent families in some cases, but very few of us have the way paved for us.  Many people come from nothing or very little.  You simply had a desire that you remaind dedicated.

You mentioned education, too.  I want to answer my own question that I asked you. "Why do so many of 'em who are coming out of college think, "Ugh!" They're down on the country. They're not down on Obama. They're just down on the country. Opportunity is not there, okay? I think that for a lot of people education has been overemphasized, and they think just having one is the ticket; that there isn't any work attached to it.

CALLER:  You're exactly right.

RUSH:  The education is work; then after you come out and you've got the degree, that's the ticket, and from there everything follows.  Education's crucially important.  I don't ever want to be thought to think otherwise, but the way it has been formally preached and emphasized, as though it's the end of things; that it is what you need, and it alone is what is required and is the guarantee. And having an education is a guarantee you diddly-squat.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  Unless you do come from a prominent family and you're simply going through the right steps so that you can say you've qualified to move up to the next level because somebody's guiding you. But if you're like you, you come from nothing, your education is what you need to know to do what you want to do the best you can, right?

CALLER:  Right.  And I've been to college. I went to college.  I didn't graduate.  You know, I've had great jobs and whatnot.  But, again, it wasn't just... Everything built on top of one another, but it was still up to me as a person, as a individual to say, "Okay," just like today, "I'm getting up. I'm gonna push. I'm gonna work. I'm gonna make this work," and I think that's amiss now.  I think a lot of people are missing that.

RUSH:  Sadly, you're right.  I dare say that there probably are some people listening who say, "Bah! Yeah, well, maybe for him, but it's not possible anymore."  I hate to reduce everything, folks, to these terms, but the truth is the truth. There is an ideological, a political movement that does its best to convince people that what you have accomplished isn't possible anymore, 'cause America just isn't what it was. "America's immoral, unjust. It just is so much unfairness.

"There's so much inequality, and there's so much racism, and there's so much prejudice, and there's so much sexism and so much bias," blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There are so many excuses for not getting anything done.  And when that happens, here comes your savior, the Democrat Party.  There's a whole political movement.  If you disagree, then tell me: Who in the world comes up with this thinking that losing your job is a good thing for health care? Job lock? Pelosi?  What kind of people actually think that?



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