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Leftists Outraged That Bubba Watson Hit Waffle House After Masters Win


RUSH: Bubba Watson won the Masters on Sunday.  After all the hullabaloo at the course, at the club, after winning, there's the green jacket, champions dinner, at about 12:30, one o'clock in the morning on Monday he took his family to his favorite place, the Waffle House.  The left is livid.  They are enraged that he would take young kids to the Waffle House and feed them poison.  I am not kidding!  They are enraged.  The left is outraged over this, some of them are, that Bubba Watson has so much attention focused on him and would use that to set such a poor example by taking his kids to the Waffle House.


RUSH: Okay, Bubba Watson.  Teachable moments here.  I wish they weren't necessary, but they are.  Bubba Watson.  Let me just read this to you from ESPN.com.  "Bubba Watson might have made $1.62 million from his second Masters victory on Sunday, but the golfer went low budget on his post-championship meal, tweeting a picture in the early-morning hours Monday of his table at Waffle House.

"The tweet by Watson, who has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, was retweeted 10,817 times in eight hours. He is shown sitting at the table with his wife Angie and best friend Judah Smith, a pastor from Seattle."  Well, that didn't help, either.  He was with a man from the cloth.  You're not supposed to do that.  Athlete with a preacher?  Not supposed to happen. 

"'We are very fortunate to call Bubba Watson one of our regulars,' Pat Warner, Waffle House's vice president of culture --" ahem.  The vice president of culture at the Waffle House said, "'After growing up in Florida and going to school in Georgia, we were glad to be there for him as he came up the ranks in golf. It's a testament to Bubba's character that even though he has two green jackets, he still comes to us for his grilled cheese and hash browns. All of the Waffle House Nation is proud today.'

"It's not the first time Watson has given the southern breakfast institution a nod. After winning the Masters in 2012, he said he was considering serving Waffle House at the Champions Dinner at Augusta the following year." However, Watson did not follow through.  Had he wanted to, I'm sure that the chairman at Augusta National would have stepped in.  "It's also not the first time a Masters champ has given an unexpected plug to a food business. In 2010, a picture taken by an Augusta Krispy Kreme manager of Phil Mickelson at the drive-thru -- wearing his green jacket -- on the day after his victory went viral."

Now, yesterday afternoon, Neil Cavuto -- maybe you guys doing the audio today, maybe you can find this. I'm sure we were rolling on Cavuto yesterday afternoon. Apparently there was a real nutso, I don't know who, that was on with Cavuto, a female who was just livid that Bubba Watson had taken his kids to Waffle House.  Whoever this woman on Cavuto was said it was irresponsible for an athlete like Bubba Watson not to set a better example for our obese nation than taking his family to Waffle House after his Masters win. 

Again, why is this important?  Why does it matter where Bubba Watson takes his family after he wins the Masters, or any other day?  Why is it anybody's business?  Do you realize what they're trying to stigmatize here?  Folks, look, this is not insignificant stuff.  I'm gonna tell you, you hear this and if this kind of stuff is new to you you're doing what I was doing 25 and 20 years ago, you're laughing about it.  Well, I do too, still.  You're laughing about it, "Oh, man what kind of a kook --" they're not, well, they're kooks, but they are the base of the Democrat Party.  

They are not a kooky, small minority.  They're the base of the Democrat Party and they're out there actively stigmatizing. If you don't think the right thing about gay marriage, gone.  If you don't think the right thing about Colbert, they're gonna try to humiliate you and insult you and tell people you have no business listening to this guy. And if you think that Hillary Clinton staged a shoe throwing incident, if you even breathe something like that, if you don't conform, and apparently the left thinks that eating any food other than what they say, is bad for your kids. 

And so Bubba Watson, who probably couldn't care less about any of this, he loves the place, but they're trying to stigmatize it and stigmatize him.  Folks, it's not an insignificant thing.  You might think a story like this is a throwaway, and 20 years ago we would have done a big, funny bit about it and laughed about it, and we still could.  I mean, that hasn't changed.  But what I didn't realize then was that a lot of people think this.  The left has really did a bang-up job of creating an army of like-minded genuine idiots to whom this stuff matters, and they are willing to act like a bunch of little junior fascist brownshirts running around trying to interrupt people's freedom, freedom of choice, what have you. 

You've got Michelle Obama basically doing the same thing.  When you've got the First Lady of the country setting this example, and you've got people following it, don't make the mistake I made 20 years ago and think it's fringe and never gonna amount to anything.  Because now it has come to amount to things.  If this keeps up, somebody someday is gonna be able to punish Bubba Watson or they're gonna be able to close down Waffle House or something.  You laugh about it and think kooks, and they are.  They're dangerous junior little fascists.  But the thing is, they have a political party that represents and advances that kind of thinking, and it's called the Democrat Party.  


RUSH:  It really wasn't that long ago that if the winner of the Masters went anywhere, it would be a big deal for the anywhere he went. It would be a joyous moment and it would be something noteworthy and it would become something that is identifiable about the person.

If Arnold Palmer, for example, had gone to Waffle House earlier in his career when he was Arnie's Army and was golf, it would have been a great thing.  You wouldn't have had people coming out of the woodwork demanding that Palmer apologize or chastising him for taking his family to a place that serves maple syrup and it contributes to obesity. Or Chick-fil-A, the same thing. If somebody goes to Chick-fil-A, the same thing 'cause they support a right wing cause. 

When I moved to Sacramento in 1984 I was cautioned by the local news director, "Do not be seen in this town at Carl's, Jr." 

I said, "What's Carl's, Jr.?" 

He said, "A hamburger joint." 

I said, "Why?" 

"They contribute to right-wing causes." 

"So what?" 

"You just don't want to be seen there; it's a Democrat town." 

"Well, why do they even have 'em here, then?"  I was.  I was told to stay away from Carl's, Jr.  No.  I'm not making it up.  It was one of the first things I was told when I got to KFBK Sacramento.  Do not be seen in Carl's, Jr., after you become known.  (interruption)  What?  They contribute to right-wing causes.  In fact, they contribute to Reagan.  This is 1984, Dawn.  This is in the middle of -- not even Reagan's second term election yet.  This is October. 

At any rate, Bubba Watson, he's a self-made golfer.  You know, he's never had a lesson? He has an unorthodox swing and none of the experts would teach it the way he plays and yet it works for him and he wins. He goes to Waffle House and all of a sudden it's a controversy today?  And I guarantee you, if you didn't have a supportive media promoting these kind of fruitcake nutcases nobody would ever hear about it anyway.  Well, I know, went on Cavuto, but Cavuto probably had this person on 'cause he knows is a lunatic and it would be good TV, a fruitcake. But the fact of the matter is there aren't a fringe group of people that think this way or act this way.  


RUSH:  Yeah, I think I've got the sound bites from Cavuto yesterday with this fruitcake.  Yeah, okay, well, I haven't read the transcript is what I mean.  I can't find it, but we'll get to it.  That's what I'm gonna use the break here at the top of the hour for.  Upset that Bubba went to Waffle House.  We got that, much more.  So don't go away.


RUSH: Speaking of Carl's, Jr., and Waffle House and so forth, Kathryn sent me an e-mail that we both got.  I don't know how long ago this was, but apparently there's a restaurant in Rio Linda called Bowinkle's. Is it a chain?  Are there Bowinkle's'?  Have you heard of a Bowinkle's here in Southern California anywhere?  You have not.  It must be exclusive to Rio Linda.  And I'm holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers -- you can't see it -- somebody took a picture of the drive thru menu, and they have the Rush Limbaugh Burger

Imagine if Bubba Watson had gone there.  Well, it says: "You supply the attitude, and we'll supply the pound of meat."  It looks like there's flash glare on the glass in front of the menu here, but it looks like the price is nine -- I don't know what the price is.  The Gaggler Burger right beneath the Rush Limbaugh Burger is $10.99, and this looks like it's $9.99, or something.  Anyway, the Rush Limbaugh Burger, you supply the attitude and we'll supply the beef. 

So we have the sound bites now of the woman that was on with Cavuto yesterday afternoon.  Her name was Katherine Tallmadge.  She's a nutritionist, don't you know, and an authorette.  She was on talking about Bubba and his decision to go to Waffle House after winning the Masters on Sunday.  Apparently she'd been out talking about it enough that Cavuto wanted to have her on as a guest.  He said, "Why are you sick about Bubba Watson eating at Waffle House after winning the Masters?"

TALLMADGE:  Well, it would be great if celebrities and sports figures set a better example for our obese nation.

CAVUTO:  Well, what's wrong with the Waffle House?

TALLMADGE:  There's nothing wrong with the Waffle House if it's an occasional splurge, but these gazillionaires love to show Americans that they're one of you. And so, to win a popularity contest, they go to waffle houses, diners, steak places, when in reality, to be a great athlete or a celebrity in good shape, they don't really eat like that.

originalRUSH:  Man, oh, man, do you all understand everything that is wrapped up in this one 35-second bite?  Let's start at the top of this.  "There's nothing wrong with the Waffle House if it's an occasional splurge."  Ms. Tallmadge, it really is none of your business.  It really has nothing to do with you.  Who goes to Waffle House, how often, and why, is none of your business.  Nobody has elected or appointed you the overseer of their culinary behavior.  So who are you?  I mean, surely you can say what you want to say, but why do you think this way?  I don't understand, why does it matter? 

Now, I know why it matters.  That's the point.  I understand these people, folks, better than they understand themselves.  "But these gazillionaires."  Bubba Watson is not a gazillionaire.  By the time Bubba Watson pays his taxes on that $1.6 million, he's gonna have less than a million dollars left.  He's gotta pay his caddy.  Then he had expenses to live there. He probably had to rent a house for the time he's there.  He's not gonna walk away a millionaire. 

Now, he's got his endorsement deals and so forth, he does okay, but he's not a gazillionaire.  "They love to show Americans they're one of you."  Oh, so he's a phony?  So to win a popularity contest you go to Waffle House.  Right.  So only the poor and only the dregs and only the middle class go, and the only reason Bubba is going is to forge a bond with people.  He's lying to them. He's faking them out. He doesn't really like it, and he doesn't really go there. 

It's exactly what I was talking about in a monologue the day after they got rid of this CEO at Mozilla and about intentions and about how the left assigns intentions to us, when in fact it's their intentions that ought to be up for examination.  And even when people on the right do good things, it's not real, see?  It isn't genuine.  Oh, no.  Even going to the Waffle House is a studied, fake, active deception to this Looney Toon.  Just like David Koch giving a million dollars to the hospital in New York.  He didn't really mean it.  He's just doing that to hide the fact he really hates the poor, and he hates the sick, but he doesn't want people to know that.  So he gives a hundred million dollars to the hospital to cover up his hatred and his bigotry.  That's what they think.  And here you have a living, breathing example of it. 

So Bubba, he doesn't really go to the Waffle House.  And he doesn't even really like it.  He's just doing it to fake people out.  He's just doing it to deceive people, to make them think that he's one of them, when he's really not.  He's a gazillionaire, and he's so above, but he doesn't want them to know that.  It's all about marketing and faking things and staging things for popularity. 

largeAnd Ms. Tallmadge, it's exactly what you people do.  You are the disingenuous, dishonest.  You are the ones that manufacture circumstances to make yourselves look like what you're not.  Yeah, how about John Kerry asking for Swiss cheese on a Philly cheese steak?  "Can I have Swiss cheese on that?"  John Kerry walking into some hunting lodge somewhere in Ohio, "Is this where I get me a huntin' license?"  Doing what he thinks he has to do to relate to hunters 'cause he thinks they're half-breeds and half-wits, so he says, "Is this where I get me a huntin' license?"  How transparently obvious was it? 

In the meanwhile, Bubba Watson really loves Waffle House, and he's been going there for years.  He doesn't eat waffles there.  It's some kind of a sandwich that he likes there.  But he loves it there.  Do you know Bubba is a pretty devout Christian, too.  If you listen to the jacket ceremony and press conference, he really wants to talk more about it than he does.  He knows it will make people uncomfortable, so he gets in, gets out real quick.  (interruption)  Yeah.  And he's got a three-year-old adopted son.  I think his son's adopted.  Not sure about that.  But he's got a three-year-old son.  Waffle House is perfect!  He takes his son there now and then.  He was there with his wife and his pastor, by the way. 

"When in reality, to be a great athlete or celebrity in great shape they don't eat like that."  You know, Ms. Tallmadge, I don't know what you're talking about.  I have hung around athletes, I can't believe how much some of 'em could eat.  They do eat this garbage. In your mind it's garbage.  They do eat this stuff.  Michael Phelps.  Do you remember the stories during the Olympics about how many calories he had to eat every day?  Something like 9,000 calories.  His breakfast was 5,000 calories, and it was eggs and bacon and it was just all kinds of stuff that Katherine Tallmadge would disapprove of and think that no athlete ever eats. 

She'd be stunned to see what marathoners eat two days before a race.  It's called carbo loading.  But I mean it's none of her business in the first place, and the last place.  And then she assigns all of these motives.  She doesn't even know Bubba Watson.  And remember, she is the one with the big heart.  She's a liberal.  She's got all the compassion.  She has the tolerance.  She's the one who loves people.  She's not a bigot.  She's not prejudicial.  No, she's accepts everybody as they are.  Right.  So then Cavuto said, "Now, you've said, Ms. Tallmadge, that you ate pie and ice cream last weekend yourself.  So you're just as bad as Bubba, right?"

largeTALLMADGE:  Well, you know, a lot of celebrities who are obviously in shape, skinny, eat healthy, they advertise Coca-Cola, which they clearly must not drink in order to be as slim and slender as they actually are.

RUSH:  You, lady, do not know what you're talking about. She literally does not know.  Ms. Tallmadge, have you ever seen, are you aware of the amount of beer consumed by your average NFL team postgame, or your average Major League Baseball team after a hot summer Sunday afternoon game?  Have you ever contemplated what these people do to stay hydrated?  So all of this is fake. They're advertising these things that they don't use. They never eat this stuff that people say makes you fat?  How many people do you know that can and could eat all of the stuff they want and don't gain a pound and you hate 'em?  They are all over the place.  But I just think this is classic. This is a great, great illustration. 

Now, let's put it all together.  Watson's son is adopted.  His name is Caleb.  Just wanted to make sure I had that right.  Now, Bubba Watson, he can't be forgiven for going to a Waffle House.  He's quietly a devout Christian.  Can't be forgiven.  Waffle House.  No, no, no.  No way.  We have to forget and forgive Stephen Colbert for everything because he is a Catholic.  He's cool, he's fine, he's okay, nothing to worry about.  But Bubba Watson, he's a problem.  Bubba Watson, bad image for our kids.  Bubba Watson is a rotten role model, devout Christian, Waffle House, can't have that.  Colbert, five kids, devout Catholic, what could possibly be wrong? 

Katherine Tallmadge, I guess she's got books and a website and a career based on pestering people over what they eat.  I never heard of her 'til this.  So way to go, Cavuto, way to go for dredging her up.  



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