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Pearls of Wisdom

"It is Tax Day today, and we have some updated tax news in terms of who is paying how much. The top 1% have now officially reached the 30%, so 30% of all federal income taxes are paid by 1% of the population."

"Make no mistake about it. Everything the left does is oriented around something political, usually their agenda."

"Typically Americans run up debt to the Social Security Administration if they receive a benefit overpayment and don't return the extra amount. That's not fraud; that's a mistake by the government. Who knows whether they got too much. Who knows whether the amount the government sent, who knows whether your check is too much. What are you supposed to do, call the government, 'Hey, you just sent me X-amount, is that the right number?' I mean, who's even confident they could get anybody to answer that phone call?"

"We're always gonna have income inequality and every other kind of inequality because sameness is impossible and equality -- particularly of outcome -- is also impossible. It's simple common sense. I feel like an idiot having to say it. But it's news to some people."

"Who in the world comes up with this thinking that losing your job is a good thing for health care? Job lock? Pelosi? What kind of people actually think that?"

"Most of us, most of the majority of people are from nothing. In other words, we may have prominent families in some cases, but very few of us have the way paved for us."

"Thanks for the hot coffee. You know, I had somebody come in and actually pour me a brand-new cup of hot coffee. I was focused on something on the computer, and I felt somebody stretching and doing something around me. I had no idea what it was, 'til I saw steam coming out of the cup here. That's very, very nice. Very thoughtful."

"Self-interest is a far, far different thing than selfishness. The Democrats, the left, they are selfish, and they use people and they denigrate people and they characterize people, and they diminish people and they destroy."

"Bubba Watson is a self-made golfer. You know, he's never had a lesson? He has an unorthodox swing and none of the experts would teach it the way he plays and yet it works for him and he wins."

"What about all of those people that fainted at Barack Obama's speeches? How many of those do you think were staged, 'cause they don't happen anymore. He still goes out there and speaks where there's crowds and where it's hot, but nobody seems to faint anymore."

"The Rush Limbaugh Burger, you supply the attitude and we'll supply the beef."


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