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White House Demanded Dr. Ben Carson Apologize

RUSH: Did you know that the White House -- I didn't know this until today -- somebody at the White House, after that prayer breakfast that Ben Carson spoke at two years ago, maybe three now -- I don't know, time flies.  It was a National Prayer Breakfast where Ben Carson got up and said what he would do with health care, how he would fix it and what's wrong with it, and everybody, "Oh, yeah."  That put him on the national map.  It turns out that later either that day or that week Carson got a phone call from somebody at the White House suggesting that he call Obama and apologize for that. 

Carson was told to call and apologize for embarrassing our young great leader.  (interruption)  Well, I don't know "or what."  But there clearly was an implied "or else."  

LA Staffer on the Ball with Coffee for Your Host

RUSH: Thanks for the hot coffee.  You know, I had somebody come in and actually pour me a brand-new cup of hot coffee.  I was focused on something on the computer, and I felt somebody stretching and doing something around me. I had no idea what it was, 'til I saw steam coming out of the cup here.  That's very, very nice.  Very thoughtful.