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Why Is It So Important What I Think of CBS' Political Hire of Colbert?


RUSH: I am the only voice, I am the only person not going nuts wild and crazy over Colbert getting Letterman's show.  I take a caller who said, "You know, Rush, I --" and I didn't see it, I admit that I didn't see it. I said, "You know, you may have a good idea." I told the caller, I was being polite, "You may have a good idea," and it gets attributed to me. 

Why is it attributed to me?  It is attributed to me because I seem to be the only contrarian out there, the only person not following the sheep.  And, as such, I'm gonna be the one that's going to be focused upon as the enemy, or as the opposition here.  But look, I'm not trying to shove this off on the caller.  This is about media accuracy and what it really means about conformity. If you don't conform, they're gonna come for you.  If you don't conform, you're gonna be an enemy of the state.  If you don't conform, you're obviously an idiot. 

I wasn't gonna do it, but since I've brought it up this way, grab sound bite number one.  I don't have the transcript in front of me.  I guess this was on Comedy Central; is that right?  Some comedian named Lewis Black, is there a comedian named Lewis Black?  There is?  Okay.  Well, he was on Comedy Central last night. (interruption) It was the National Press Club? I can't read the sound bite roster.  I need a microscope for it.  So anyway, he was at the National Press Club, this Lewis Black guy and he's being interviewed by this press club person, asked about me not jumping and doing handstands over Colbert getting the Letterman show, and this is what the sound bite sounds like.

BLACK:  That's the kind of sentence that's stroke inducing.  I go through that paragraph and about halfway through my -- there's like a slight twitch of the eye and I can feel a blood vessel beginning to pump too much.  What could he possibly -- he's an idiot.  He really is just a mean-spirited (bleep).  Here's how big an insult it's gonna be on American values.  Stephen Col, Col, Colbert, uh, is, Stephen Colbert has five, I think, five children, happily married, has this great family, was still hanging in when the Catholic Church, when people were fleeing en masse.  What are you talking about? He doesn't know (bleep).

RUSH:  I think he called me the P-word! The PR-word. He called me the male anatomy, the word.  It's a badge of honor here, folks.  Look, here's the thing.  This is what they always do.  Ignore the body of work and talk about the symbolism.  We're supposed to ignore what Colbert did and does every night.  We're supposed to ignore the act and who he skewers and who he makes fun of. And we're supposed to look, "Oh, Catholic."  Really?  Not a very good one, maybe.  Don't know.  Family man?  Right.  Well, where is that represented in the body of work?  It's a little bit of a conflict here.

This is what the left always does.  It's like that Washingtonian article on the Carneys.  You know, here's the left telling you that single parenthood is valorous. Single parenthood is the answer, it's the future, it's the way this country is transforming.  Single parenthood is not to be condemned.  You can't go back to the fifties.  You can't be Ozzie and Harriet anymore.  It isn't possible.  You can't be old-fashioned in the modern age.  And yet the Carneys are Leave It To Beaver. The Carneys are Ozzie and Harriet. 

Claire Shipman works when she wants to.  She earns much less than her husband, and it's perfectly fine.  She brags about the flexibility she has to be able to stay home with her children.  They don't get farmed out to day care.  She fixes breakfast with 'em. She fixes food. She fixes the husband breakfast and lunch. It's just a beautiful family.  But that's not the kind of family you can have.  If you want something like that, you're old-fashioned and a bigot and whatever it is. 

So the symbolism that they always focus to, or always ask us to notice, it's the same thing as, essentially take a look at all their social programs and don't examine the results.  You're supposed to judge the intentions, and the intentions of all those people behind the War on Poverty are good, and the intentions behind all those people on the Great Society are good. We really intended to do good things.  So don't examine that they're abysmal failures.  Don't examine the results, 'cause the results don't matter.  Our big hearts, our intentions are what matter.  In other words, it's the symbolism over the substance that always matter. 

Anyway, they're really, really mad, is the key.  I'm just a guy on the radio having fun, laughing and yuking it up here, and they are really ticked off that I don't think Colbert's a God, and I don't even care.  Snerdley asked me in an offhand moment and I answered in two minutes what I thought of it off the top of my head. I don't even care. I haven't watched Letterman in 10 years. I'm not gonna watch it. I just don't do it anymore.  It's Drive-By Media mainstream media.  I know what I'm gonna get.  Why flog myself? Why watch that stuff and be punished?  It's not my idea of a good time.  But the fact that I don't conform makes them really mad.  And now somehow I am responsible for the theory that Hillary faked the shoe

They're really mad, folks.  From my standpoint they're winning a lot.  They ought to be happy.  They just got the Mozilla guy run out of town.  They're now trying to get Condoleezza Rice run out of Dropbox.  One reason they're mad, they haven't gotten me.  They've mailed miserably as that, but they're gonna keep trying. But they're never happy.  They're constantly angry and enraged, and all you have to do to make 'em really literally enraged is simply say something that goes against their grain of convention wisdom.  It's not really hard to do. 


RUSH:  Before this gets out of hand -- it maybe already is -- this Colbert thing, the first thing, my comments about that actually are aimed at CBS, they're the hiring agent here, and that's who I was really talking about, what their decision mean.  Colbert's who he is, but I'm gonna tell you something, folks.  Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic, too. 

What does that mean?  She just got the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood, which is an abortion organization, and she's a devout Catholic, so what does it matter?  Dick Durbin is a devout Catholic and a -- and a priest says we're not gonna give him communion anymore, because he's not.  All these leftists, they fall back on their devout Catholicism but it doesn't in between anything.  They use it as cover, they use it as symbolic, symbolism cover. 

If Colbert's a devout Catholic, has five kids, I suppose that he must believe in traditional marriage, right?  And if he does, then he's a hateful bigot, according to the current definitions of the left. The way I was asked the question, what do you think of the -- of the decision, and I -- definition change of comedy, what's funny, what isn't.  And I think it's a political hire by CBS.  There's no question in my mind that it is.  But I don't know Colbert.  I have no dog in this fight.  I don't care.  I don't watch those shows anymore, so it's -- pop culture is what it is.  It's not a surprising move in any way, shape, manner, or form.  Now, as far as the Clintons staging things, let's have a retrospective.


RUSH: Look at the apparent importance everybody is attaching to the choice of Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman.  Why is that so important to the left, hmm?  It's so important because of the political ramifications.  Make no mistake about it.  Everything the left does is oriented around something political, usually their agenda. Why does it matter that I have not fallen in line and am universally slapping everybody's back saying, "Hey, man, what a great hire." Why is that so important?  Why does it matter?  Why is it a news story that somebody on my show or even I might think that Mrs. Clinton staged the shoe thing? 

Why is it so important what I think the Colbert hire means?  And the right way to ask the question is, why is the media and everybody placing such importance on the Colbert hire?  And you know the answer.  It's because it represents a continuation of the dominance of the left of pop culture.  The actions speak for themselves.  The reaction they have to somebody who doesn't conform also speaks for itself, because in the big scheme of things what I think about either of these things is irrelevant, isn't it? 

Forget about me supposedly being the voice of the opposition and all that. I know they need clicks on their website for ads and my name gets clicks, I understand all that, but in the genuine substance, look at the importance they place, look at the anger that such importance generates when somebody doesn't conform.  



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