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Sports Media Begins Campaign to Prevent Trump from Buying the Buffalo Bills


RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, in the not-so-distant past, I was part of a group that hoped to buy the St. Louis Rams?  I was a small investor in this group, and somebody leaked that I was part of this group, and all hell broke loose.  Black sportswriters started inventing quotes that I had never said and published them in websites and newspapers all over the country.

They were quotes where I was supposedly longing for a return of the days to slavery. They were actually printing this stuff and writing it, and then it was discovered that I had never said it and all that, so they said, "Well, it doesn't matter; he probably thinks it."  This kind of stuff was going on and on. It was just relentless.  Well, it's starting up again with Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has expressed interest in buying the Buffalo Bills.

Donald Trump has said if he buys the Bills he'll keep 'em in Buffalo because it's a lot shorter trip from his house to Buffalo to watch his team than it would be if he moved them to LA.  It's forty-five minutes to an hour versus five hours.  Anyway, so Trump's talking about it and it came up on ESPN.  It was yesterday afternoon on ESPN2's Highly Questionable...

I haven't watched ESPN in months, not even SportsCenter.  So I've never heard of this show.  The co-host is Gonzalo Le Batard.  (interruption)  That's right.  Gonzalo Le Batard, the co-host, was speaking with the other co-host, Bomani Jones, about Trump possibly buying the Buffalo Bills.  Gonzalo Le Batard said, "Should [Fidel] Goodell let Donald Trump buy the Bills?"  This is what Bomani Jones said in reply...

JONES:  This is the last man you want anywhere near this league.  And, if this is a league that said that Rush Limbaugh having part ownership basically meant that he couldn't own a team, there's no way in the world you talk about having Donald Trump there.  Sure, have Donald Trump get up there and say racist things on Twitter about the president of the United States if you're Roger Goodell where you don't even let dudes have touchdown dances.  There's no good idea about letting him be there!  Why?  He would be Steinbrenner-esque except for one thing:  Steinbrenner, overall, good for the game of baseball.  Donald Trump, totally in it for self, would mess it up for anybody else.  And there are still owners who are old enough to remember that dude from the USFL.

RUSH:  So, you see, this is how it works.  So Trump's an automatic racist.  That's a reference, I'm sure, to the birther effort that Trump made. So Trump's an automatic racist.  You can't have a guy up there saying racist things about Obama and then tell the brothers in the NFL that they can't do dances after scoring touchdowns.  Fidel Goodell cannot let this happen, this guy says.  Fidel Goodell.  



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